Tattvartha Sutra (with commentary)

by Vijay K. Jain | 2018 | 130,587 words | ISBN-10: 8193272625 | ISBN-13: 9788193272626

This page describes the subject matter of clairvoyance (avadhijnana) which is verse 1.27 of the English translation of the Tattvartha Sutra which represents the essentials of Jainism and Jain dharma and deals with the basics on Karma, Cosmology, Ethics, Celestial beings and Liberation. The Tattvarthasutra is authorative among both Digambara and Shvetambara. This is verse 27 of the chapter Right Faith and Knowledge and includes an extensive commentary.

Verse 1.27 - The subject matter of clairvoyance (avadhijñāna)

Sanskrit text, Unicode transliteration and English translation of Tattvartha sūtra 1.27:

रूपिष्ववधेः ॥ १.२७ ॥

rūpiṣvavadheḥ || 1.27 ||

The subject matter (viṣaya) of clairvoyance (avadhijñāna) is substances with form (rūpī). (27)

Hindi Anvayarth:

अन्वयार्थ: [अवधेः] अवधिज्ञान का विषय-सम्बन्ध [रूपिषु] रूपी द्रव्यों में है अर्थात् अवधिज्ञान रूपी पदार्थों को जानता है।

Anvayartha: [avadheh] avadhijnana ka vishaya-sambandha [rupishu] rupi dravyom mem hai arthat avadhijnana rupi padarthom ko janata hai |

Explanation in English from Ācārya Pūjyapāda’s Sarvārthasiddhi:

The subject matter of clairvoyance (avadhijñāna) is discussed next.

The range or the subject matter (viṣaya) is supplied from the previous sūtra. The term ‘rūpī’ implies forms of the matter (pudgala) and embodied souls–bonded souls. The sūtra lays down that the scope of clairvoyance (avadhijñāna) is restricted to ‘rūpī’ substances only and does not extend to non-material substances. Even with regard to ‘rūpī’ substances, the range of clairvoyance is limited to certain modes (paryāya) only according to its potency and does not extend to all modes of the matter. In order to determine this ‘asarvaparyāyeṣu’ should be brought together.

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