Bhagavati-sutra (Viyaha-pannatti)

by K. C. Lalwani | 1973 | 185,989 words

The English translation of the Bhagavati-sutra which is the fifth Jaina Agama (canonical literature). It is a large encyclopedic work in the form of a dialogue where Mahavira replies to various question. The present form of the Sutra dates to the fifth century A.D. Abhayadeva Suri wrote a vritti (commentary) on the Bhagavati in A.D. 1071. In his J...

Part 3 - Eight worlds

Q. 192. Bhante! How many are the worlds?

A. 192. Gautama! They are eight, viz,, Ratnaprabhā, till the seventh hell at the bottom, plus Siddhaśīlā (the abode of the Siddhas) atop.

Q. 193 Bhante! Is Ratnaprabhā hell extreme (as per location) or non-extreme?

A, 193. State the whole Chapter on ‘Extremes,’ without omission, (in the Prajñāpaṇā Sūtra).

Q. 194. [???] what about the Vaimānikas, pray? Are they extreme or non-extreme in matter of touch?

A. 194. Gautama! Both extreme and non-extreme.

Bhante! So they are. You are right.

Chapter Three ends.

Notes (based on commentary of Abhayadeva Sūri):

Q. 194. The words carima and acarima describe the relative location. Something may be in an extreme location in one repect and not in an extreme location in another respect. In the present case of Ratnaprabhā hell, however, no relativity is involved so that it has been said to be both carima and acarima.

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