Bhagavati-sutra (Viyaha-pannatti)

by K. C. Lalwani | 1973 | 185,989 words

The English translation of the Bhagavati-sutra which is the fifth Jaina Agama (canonical literature). It is a large encyclopedic work in the form of a dialogue where Mahavira replies to various question. The present form of the Sutra dates to the fifth century A.D. Abhayadeva Suri wrote a vritti (commentary) on the Bhagavati in A.D. 1071. In his J...

Part 2 - Pain from sin

Q. 135. Bhante! For the infernal beings, are the sinful acts done in the past, being done in the present and to be done in the future, all pain? Are those acts which are exhausted all pleasure?

A. 135. Gautama! They are like that, and this holds, till the Vaimānikas.

Q. 136. Bhante! How many are the types of consciousness?

A. 136. Gautama! They are ten, viz., about food, fear, sin, wealth, anger, pride, attachment, greed, instrument of knowledge and instrument of faith. And this also holds, till the Vaimānikas.

(To add), the infernal beings live in ten types of pain, viz., cold, heat, hunger, thirst, itch, servility, fever, burn, fear and grief.

Notes (based on commentary of Abhayadeva Sūri):

Q/A. 136. Ohasannā implies knowing something in a very general way. Hence it is synonymous with darśaṇa. When it is known very thoroughly, it is logasannā, hence synonymous with jñana.

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