Bhagavati-sutra (Viyaha-pannatti)

by K. C. Lalwani | 1973 | 185,989 words

The English translation of the Bhagavati-sutra which is the fifth Jaina Agama (canonical literature). It is a large encyclopedic work in the form of a dialogue where Mahavira replies to various question. The present form of the Sutra dates to the fifth century A.D. Abhayadeva Suri wrote a vritti (commentary) on the Bhagavati in A.D. 1071. In his J...

Introduction to book 6


Pain, Intake, Influx great,
With Pradeśas, Tamaskāya, Fit-to-be-bom,
Śālī-paddy, Worlds (Hells), Karma and Heretics,—
Such are the topics of Book Six.

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