Bhagavati-sutra (Viyaha-pannatti)

by K. C. Lalwani | 1973 | 185,989 words

The English translation of the Bhagavati-sutra which is the fifth Jaina Agama (canonical literature). It is a large encyclopedic work in the form of a dialogue where Mahavira replies to various question. The present form of the Sutra dates to the fifth century A.D. Abhayadeva Suri wrote a vritti (commentary) on the Bhagavati in A.D. 1071. In his J...

Part 7 - On preceptors and teachers

Q. 107. Bhante! Preceptors and teachers, who, in their respective fields, accept disciples, teach them and help them without grudge (reservation)—in how many births are such ones perfected,...till end all misery?

A. 107. Gautama! Some are perfected in that very birth, some are perfected in the second birth, but in no case they go to the third.

Notes (based on commentary of Abhayadeva Sūri):

(There is no commentary available for this section).

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