Temples in and around Madurantakam

by B. Mekala | 2016 | 71,416 words

This essay studies the Temples found around Madurantakam, a town and municipality in Kancheepuram (Kanchipuram) District in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Madurantakam is one of the sacred holy places visited by Saint Ramanuja. It is also a region blessed with many renowned temples which, even though dating to at least the 10th century, yet they c...

Maratha at Kanchipuram, 1676

With 20,000 horses, 40,000 infantry soldier,s Maratha ruler Shivaji started towards the end of A.D., 1676 on the Carnatic Campaign.[1] He met Kutup Shah of Golconda and assured him his sincerity towards him. He had already advanced detachment of 5000 Cavalry through Kanchipuram to Gijee, besieged Vellore and proceeded up to Thanjavur where he left his brother Ekoji alias Venkaji, to rule the territory.[2] In August 1678 Abdulla Khan, the Commander of the Bijapur forces in the Vellore castle surrendered to Shivaji’s force after the siege. In 1678, Shivaji’s forces were at Kanchipuram on their way to capture Poonamallee, the headquarters of Lingappa. The possible invasion of Shivajee’s forces terrorised the English at Madras. Even the Maratha ruler issued order to sack Pulicat and Madras. However, he changed his plan and turned towards Mysore.[3]

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