Temples in and around Madurantakam

by B. Mekala | 2016 | 71,416 words

This essay studies the Temples found around Madurantakam, a town and municipality in Kancheepuram (Kanchipuram) District in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Madurantakam is one of the sacred holy places visited by Saint Ramanuja. It is also a region blessed with many renowned temples which, even though dating to at least the 10th century, yet they c...

By about 1672, the supremacy of the Golconda power became established in the Tondaimandalam or Carnatic region. Abdulla Kutub Shah, the Sultan of Golconda, even issued farman (royal order) to East India Company confirming the privileges given to them earlier. 166. At one point, the English thought of shifting frtories to Ginjee which did not come under the Golconda rule.[1] In 1674 Abdul Hassan Kutup Shah, the last Golconda ruler who came to power was an inefficient ruler. Lingappa, the Golconda Governor in Poonamallee also ssumed vast powers and came into clash with the Europeans in his territory.

Footnotes and references:


Srinivasachari, C.S., A History of Gingee and Its Rulers, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar, 1943, p.240.

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