Folk Tradition of Bengal (and Rabindranath Tagore)

by Joydeep Mukherjee | 2018 | 49,317 words | ISBN-10: 8186036989 | ISBN-13: 9788186036983

An English study regarding the Folk Tradition of Bengal and its influence on Rabindranath Tagore—an important Bengali polymath from the 19th century who excelled in philosophy, arts (painting), literature and music. This research tries to initiate the semantic aspect of “folk” through the help of various dictionaries....

Chapter 2.6 - The Infuence of-Bangla Songs on-Rabindra Sangeet

[Full title: Review of Research—Rabindranather Gane Bangla Ganer Provab (The Infuence of-Bangla Songs on-Rabinra Sangeet)]

The research takes a vital role in its elaboration of the two popular son traditions in West Bengal. Straight way it does not move to the core of the topic. What is more interesting is that it takes an overview of the entire song tradition prevalent in of then West Bengal right from the birth of the great poet. It shows an inclination to find out the culture and cultivation of such music in the entire family. All the Pandits and Ustads not only from Bengal but also from Bangladesh used to visit their palace. It certainly shows that they were the patronisers of music. From here the research begins. Indubitably it confirms the taste of Rabindranath Tagore not only as an artist but also as a composer. The research congregates rare information for instance where he goes, how he collects the materials, when he feels to translate some of the English songs in Bangla.

Nidhu Babu, the famous Tappa singer of the time became very close friend of the poet. As a result of which he composed so many songs according to him. Vital point is that the research focuses the specific reason of that connection. It traces that those songs are very rich both in its lyric and singing. But it is Tagore and his art that transformed it very cautiously only to reach it to the unreachable. The research tries to highlight that Tagore wonderfully blended the ‘bani’ (lyric) and ‘ragini’ (raaga). Consequently he makes a new way of singing in Bangla song tradition. Such song tradition gets an impetus in Bangla dramas. Tagore himself wrote so many ‘Geeti-natya’ (a drama in the form of songs) following that path. The research meticulously pin points how Tagore inculcates the typical tone of classical music and with its flavour changed the flow of Bangla songs.


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