Folk Tales of Gujarat (and Jhaverchand Meghani)

by Vandana P. Soni | 2014 | 98,532 words

This study represents an English translation of the Gujarat Folk tales composed by Gujarati poet Jhaverchand Meghani (1896-1947). Meghani was born in Chotila and left an important landmark on the history of Saurashtra and Gujarat folklore, Indian poetry, journalism and other literary sciences....

Chapter 37 - Bapu Bhalalo

Part 1

Suro Dhandhal was the king of Gunjva village. The king Chichi Janjro was the king of Dhank Bangala. Strife was going on between these two kings regarding the matter of land.

The king of Gunjva village named Suro Dhandhal had two sons Bapu and Budho: and one daughter named Parmal. Dahiyo Sha was an administrator. Chandiyo and Khetiyo were two Rajputs.

Suro Dhandhal was killed in dispute of land. Dhaiyo Sha a faithful administrator of Suro Dhandhal sent all the three kids and the woman to their maternal home. Dhandhal family lost their power over Gunjva village.

Bapu and Buddho; grew up at maternal home. The Patel of the village used to take cows for grazing at the border of the village. He saw his two maternal nephews playing with small pebbles. They were tossing lemons to target pebbles. Patel observed that nephews were mischievous. After all, they belonged to Undha so they cannot be controlled easily by anybody. He thought this game might be proved terrible for the village in future!

After few days, nephews stopped playing with lemon and started playing with betel nut and a pellet bow. They started targeting betel nut by tossing it very high.

Later on Bapu told Budha; ‘Let us toss beads very high so we will be called experts in targeting pearls.’

Budho said, ‘you are right.’ They started to target pearls on bare head with a pellet bow. Patel could not tolerate this. He knew very well that nephews are of opposing nature, bubbling with wrath. They cannot be stopped by anyone. They will stop when they will get tired.

Bapu said, ‘Bhai Budha one contrivance remains.’

‘Brother! What, contrivance?’

‘The contrivance of breaking water pots of women.’

‘Which device shall we use?’

‘When woman arrives by carrying a water pot on her head, at that time one would break her pot by hitting it with bullet of lead. Another person will mend it by releasing the bullet of wax. Not a single drop of water shall spill out of pot.’

They started the process of breaking and mending earthen pitcher. In village, uproar was roused. One woman said, ‘my pot has been exchanged, another said, even mine has been exchanged.’

Later on Bapu and Bubha changed their role in the game, ‘brother! You will break and I shall mend.’

One old woman had a small earthen pot on her head: she was trembling due to her old age.

Budho made some changes in the bullet and he hit with more force. The small earthen pot broke. The old woman tumbled down.

After getting up, she addressed him as Roya and Nabapa.

Gotiye gotiye re eva bap dada na ver re
Baidiyu Na Beda ye re veera, nav fodiye

Find out enmity of your ancestors
Never break earthen pots of women

Both brothers looked at each other: ‘oh she called us ‗fatherless’.

Lets us go and ask mother to unveil this mystery?‘

Ke je madi re amne, hoi evi vat re,
Mosale mamiyu re mena amne boliyu.
Ne re ne re evu kaka ne re katamab re.
Adharthi padiyel re dharti jiliya.

Mother, please tell us truth, whatever it may be?
At maternal home maternal aunt, taunt us.
Uncle and entire paternal family treat us as if we have fallen on the earth from above.

Supressing affliction that was going in her heart, mother said

Aj thi re shi kahu kuvar tane vaderi re vat re
Je di munchhadiye vira val ghalso

O brother, what can I do by telling you everything at this age? I will tell you when you will grow up and when you will start having moustache.

Mother! Son of Garasiya regarding the matter of understanding can never be small in age:

He laviya maro navdharo katar re
Antarda kadhi ne nakhu tari dok ma

Give me my new edged sword
Let me take out my intestine from my tummy and put it around your neck.

Mother told her son the whole story regarding father’s death and the ruin of their kingdom of Gunjva village.

After knowing the fact, sons became stubborn to bring back long lost state of their father so that they could give true tribute to their father and justify themselves as true sons. Ok mother, ‘Ram Ram”.

Maternal uncle came and persuaded nephew-

Alu Alu re tune pachhi pachah jone gam re Gunjva ni gadi ye re Bhalavala ne doyli.

I will give you twenty-five or fifty villages

Let the throne of Gunjva village remain under the rule of Bhalavala.

‘O uncle, the throne of Gunjva village is in exchange of my head. I have taken a vow to cut my head if I cannot take back Gunjva village. Uncle you have offered me twenty-five or fifty village but even if you would offer me five hundred villages then also I would not alter my mind. Now we cannot stay here for long at any cost.’

Part 2

Mother Meenal de and sister Parmal sat in chariot. Both sons sat on horse.

Mother asked; ‘Oh brother, where shall we go?’

Oh Mother, ‘Where else can we go? Let us go on old route. Is there anyone from our previous well-wishers?’

‘Yes, there are two Rajputs Chandiyo and Khetiyo in Junagadh.’ Rajputs?


‘Ok, now there is no problem? They are very close. Is there any another well-wisher?’

‘In Gondal there is Dayo Sha who has also intimacy with us.’ On reaching Gondal, Bapu Bhala occupied half of the throne.

Dayo Sha was very strong. He wondered, ‘who is this brave man that dared to sit on my throne?’

Hoy Hoy re eva sura dhandhal na vansh re,
Ardhi ne gadi ye re dhandhal dabta

He must be a progeny of Suro Dhandhal,
Dhandhal had a habit of occupying half throne.

‘There was only Suro Dhandhal of Gujarat who used to share half throne with me. Who are you the new one, brother?

Bapu Bhalalo says:

Jeno patya re evo Suro Dhandhal jone hoi re,
Tena vansh Na ame Bapu ane Budhiya

Whose father was brave Suro Dhandhal.
We Bapu and Budhiya are from his dynasty.

Daya Sha was extremely happy,

Dhanya Ghadi re eva dhanya amara bhagya re,
Juno ane dhani re Bhalalo jagyo.

It is the luckiest moment and we are very fortunate that,
Our old master Bhalalo has risen.’

‘Dear brother: Bapu Bhalala; I can visualise your victory over Gunjva village.’

Bapu Bhalala asked mother; ‘Oh mother, is there any temple in Gunjva?’

‘Yes our Kuldevi is there?’ I want to die there in the temple so I may get salvation; as long as when one exists the person has to apply contrivance and skill for existence.

They reached Gunjva village. What a village!

Pots for fetching water were of brass and copper but they shined so brightly that they seemed to be made of gold. All water pots were of dark yellow colour. Not a single pot looked hallow or in a dilapidated state. Similar to water pots he saw very large and strong villages of his father’s rule.

At that particular moment, even trees of that village seemed like venom to Bapu Bhalala.

Diya was burning in the temple of goddess.

In goddess’s abode heaviest slab of stone was lying.

Dayo Sha said, ‘Bapu Bhalala your father was Batris laksnu. Your father used to make a cut in his last finger and sprinkle blood so that the slab of stone used to go away at a great distance.’

‘Is that so? If one’ s father was batris lakshnu then the sons are also batrislakshna.‘

Bapu Bhalala sprinkled blood from his little finger. Before he put back the sword in scabbard; soon sound came from the temple:

Khamma khamma re mara Bapu Budha ne re aj re
Varania ne lai avu re madijaya veerna

Blessings to my Bapu and Budha
Let me give blessings to vindicate ill or miseries of mother’s beloved son.

Soon near the idol, goddess’s divine horse, chundi and rotating spear were seen.

Goddess shouted: ‘Bapu Bhalala, you do not take that horse. It is inhabitant of a cellar, so it cannot tolerate outside wind so you can take filly. You can mount on a filly after six months.’

Murat joyu re satam ne somvar
Atham ne lagne re chadan kesar kalvi

He checked proper auspicious time, selected days like Satam ne somvar and Atham
On Antham mounted on filly named Kalvi kesar.

After six months, he checked an auspicious time to mount on Kalvi kesar filly and he decked filly with ornaments.

Bapu Bhalalo lari lage Deval ne pay re,
Banani lajiyu re madi! Mari rakhjo.

Bapu Bhalala repeatedly bowed down deity.
Goddesses please bless me and retain my credit.

Bapu Bhalala, lejo Deval kera re nam re,
Namadiya layne re nav kunta nakhjo

Bapu Bhalala keep chanting name of deity
Fix nine nails only after reciting name of deity.

Goddess said, ‘Veer Bapu Bhalala! Fix nails on the earth, only after chanting name of a family.’

Bapu Bhalala Veer! Nakho soneri saman re,
Zarkashi ne jamani re kesar ne re juldi.

Bapu Bhalala put a golden saddle, lace of brocade and a long loose gown on saffron coloured filly.

Part 3

Bapu Bhalala went to Junagadh to unite Chandiyo and Khetiyo on a saffron filly. At the gate, gatekeepers said ‘If you go inside the royal court, on one, side Chandiyo and Khetiyo will be holding council of seven hundred fifty Rajputs; and other side Nawab would be holding council of Mugla Pathan.’

Bapu Bhalalo went and occupied half the throne; soon everyone recognised him and querried. A big drum was beaten. Seven hundred fifty Rajputs started their march.

Vagya vagya re eva jangina re jone dhol re
Dholdiya dhadukiye re paradhida Jo chade
Pele nagare chade sada satso Rajput re
Bije nagare re chadi veera chaljo
Ke chhe chandiyo Mari mediye nagaru re, Thai re,
Bakhtariya pakhariya re chadi veera chaljo

Drum started beating and Paradhida started to march.
At the first beat of a drum seven hundred fifty Rajput started.
At the second beat of a drum brave men you march ahead

Standing in a balcony Chandiyo addressed his army that, beatings of drums had started so brave men get ready by wearing armour, keep your horse ready, and get well equipped.

Seven hundred soldiers rode on their horse and their horses dropped knee high excretion on the road.

Topu chali re evi ek so ne annth re
Sona ne achhode re topu jone nangli

There was cannonade of 108 bullets.
Bullets were interwoven with the gold chain.

The king of Junagadh gifted granular bullets to Chandiyo and Khetiyo. Finally, they reached on the fort of Gunjva. Chandiyo asked Khetiyo, ‘How can we bring enemy out?’

‘A wise man never attacks enemy behind his back. It is better to enter from the main gate. It doesn’ t matter even if they run away.‘

Two security guards named Kaniyo and Bibi were on duty, they sent message to Chichi Janjra:

Chichida re Janjra tu suto hoy to jag re
Foju be avi re tari jone parajma
Topu mandi re evi talav ni re pal re
Garjan ne garde re gadh kere kangre

O, Chichida Janjra, if you are sleeping then wake up.
Two fighting forces have entered into your premises.
On the other side of the lake, they have started firing so skillfully that every selfish man would like to copy them.
They have targeted the pennacle of a fortress.

‘O, security guard! What are you saying? Have you taken drink containing hemp? Have you consumed any intoxicating drink?’

Pidhi pidhi re te to lildi lilagar bhangya re
Mafar ne mavo ye pine poli aviyo

You must have taken drink-containing hemp.
You must have taken some intoxicating drink.

All right then please send your Veliyo barber to check the arrival of enemies by climbing on the top of the fortress. Veliyo barber went and saw that, up in the sky there was galaxy of innumerable stars and down on the earth there was sphere of innumerable spears. Horses smacked the fortress. During the pitch-dark hours of night, even sparrow does not prefer to build their nest at that time Chichi Janjra started to pack all his household things in a disordered manner.

Bibi said:

Kali vaddi ma jevi jabuke chhe re vij re,
Daldama jabuke re kesar jone kalvi

As lightining in the dark cloud captures one’s attention, similarly the black mare named Kesar Kalvi shone and became the centre of fascination amidst the army due to its vaulting performance.

Varse varse re jova jina re jarmar megh re,
Evij ne varse ye bhalalani goliyu.
Amal no chhakiyo raja evi kardi ankh kadhe re ankh re,
Mucchardi marde ne re ani bhala ucchle.

Alike consistent fall of rain in fine drops there was consistency in Bhalala’s bullets firing.

Overpowered by vanity, Bapu looked with certain harshness; twisted moustache and violently threw spear.

After winning, the capital of Gunjva, Bapu Bhalala took his dromedary in every province of Gunjva to know condition of the whole population and to check whether their allprimary needs are fulfilled or not. There was no question of paying annuity to the king.

Part 4

One day Gadhvi gave reminder to Bapu Bhalala:

Bapu Bhalala tari Parmal ne parnav re.
Kunvri kanya ne raja lanchhan lagshe.

Bapu Bhalala please get your sister married
Otherwise, you will get stigma of keeping her unmarried.

Has sister Parmal become an adult? How beautiful she is! It is right, right, unmarried girl may get stigma. ‘Dasodi, go soon and get her engaged.’

Dasodi searched within the country and even went abroad:

Joi Joi re Jala ni re Jalavadi re,
Parmal ne sarikho re ichhavar no maliyo.
Joi Joi re Evi kathi ni Kathiwad re,
Parmal sarikho re icchavar na maliyo
Joi Joi re evi Mala ni Marvadiya re
Parmal sarikho re iccha var na maliyo.

He went to Jalawad met Jalawadi,
But did not find a desired groom for Parmal
Looked out for an eligible Kathi in Kathiawad
But did not find a proper match for Parmal
Even saw Mala’s (Maharana Pratap) Marwad
But could not found a desired groom; for Parmal.

All the three Dasodis came back. They did not find desired groom equivalent to Parmal.

The fourth Dasodi went to Dhaka in Bengal at the house of Chi Chi Janjro. There he elaborately appreciated qualities of a sister Parmal. The queen warned the king that she was a daughter of their enemy.

The king retorted, ‘How will you like if co-wife comes?’

Queen said; ‘O king, see it will be our good luck if we get any one thing from the four things given during the occasion of the bride and bride groom’ s four mangal. If we do not get anything then simply accept their sharp point of spear lovingly.‘

‘What four things?’

‘Demand Gunjva village in the first mangal.’

‘Demand Chandiyo chakar in the second mangal.’

‘Ask for Kesar kalvi ghodi in the third round.’

‘Make a demand for rotating spear in the fourth round.’

Dasodi verbally finalised sister Parmal’s engagement with ChiChi Janjra. On reaching the palace he said;

Joyu Joyu re evu Dhanka Bangala re Se’r re,
Parmal ne sarikho re iccha var tya maliyo
Chhotkadu sarikhu re joyu Dhanka Bangala se’r
Sarkha ne samani re rame rang taliye

I saw cities like Dhanka Bangala
Could find proper match for Parmal
I saw small Dhanka Bangla city
Found such a proper match that they can enjoy each other’s company.

On hearing, this Bapu Bhalala stood up, quivered with rage, and said resentfully, ‘How could you finalise my sister’ s engagement with my enemy? I will cut you into pieces.‘Gadhvi said: ‘Do you want to violate the vows of the engagement given by me?’ Battle of words started between the two. Gadhvi said, ‘I would sprinkle blood on the throne. I will wreck your lineage.’

Bapu Bhalala got frightened with Gadhvi’s intimidation.

Parmal got the news at her room. She also made a huge uproar.

Jajo re jajo pitiya Dasodidi non-vansh re,
Chori ma randapo re pitye velo mokaliyo.
Jajo jajo re eni rajak ne rotli re,
Chundadiye khelare pitiya vela mokalaya.

May posterity of Dasodi ruin?
He has disappointed me by betraying in the matter of marriage.
May he be deprived of his own bread; may his livelihood ruin and may he deteriorate to the level of washer man?
He has made the matter of marriage troublesome.

Part 5

Bapu Bhalala pondered and finally resolved to allow Chi Chi Janjra to come to marry

Parmal. ‘Make a quick and sudden arrangement of the marriage ceremony.Consider Chi Chi Janra as a he-goat used in offering and offer him to goddess. We will think that sister has one more third brother along with the two.’

Finalising the date and plan of marriage charan went to Dhanka Bangala. Chi Chi Janjro danced with joy.

Charaniya ne dejo dejo jaja man re ne
Charaniya ne dejo chalane churma

Give more respect to Charaniya
Serve Churmu to Charaniya.

Chi chi Janjro came to marry. The time of kanyadan arrived. The first mangal started.

Pelu mangal evu hartu fartu vartai re.
Dandaiya ale re beni buddho jone bandhvo
Alu alu re bena pachhi pachha re jone gam re
Panchse ne ghoda ye re bai vanes moklu.

The first mangal finished happily
Brother Budho started to give gifts
He said; ‘I would gift you twenty five /fifty villages,
Sister I will send five hundred horses following you.

Elder brother Buddho Dhandhal talked about gifting villages and horses. Parmal addressing the brother said

Tara gamadiya tare ati ghanera hoy re,
Ek j mangu re bapu keru besnu.

You have so many villages
I will demand only one village, which belongs to our father and where he used to sit everyday.
Brother said oh, are you mad?

Gheli Beni re ava gheladiya sha re boliya re,
Gunjva ni gadi ye re bhalala ne sher shami.

My sister, why do you make such senseless babling?
The throne of Gunjva village is as precious for Bhalala as his head

‘My dear sister, the throne of Gunjva village is as precious as my head; I will cut my head if I give Gunjva village to this ascetic.’

The term ascetic used by Buddha for Janjro; envenomed Chi Chi Janjro. Infuriated Chi Chi Janjro pulled and crushed the garland, which was around his neck and got up from his seat. Soon Bapu Bhalala took out a sword and Chi Chi Janjro sat down.

Second mangal-

Bijumangal evu hartu fartu vartai re.
Dandaiya ale re beni buddho jone bandhvo

The second mangal finished happily
Brother Bhalala started to give gifts.

Bapu Bhalala got up to give Kanyadan

Alu Alu re beni pachhi paccha jone gam re
Solshe te sandhiyu are bai vanshe moklu

I would gift you twenty-five /fifty villages,
I will send sixteen hundred female camels behind you.

Parmal says:

Tara Gamadiya tare ati ghanenare hoi re,
Ek j ne mangiyu re chhakar jone Chandiyo

You have so many villages that you keep with you
I demand only one servant Chandiyo.

Gheli beni re ava gheladiya sha boliya re
Chandiyo ne hoy j re Bhalala ni chovte

O crazy sister, why do you make irrational demands?
Chandiyo can be at only Bhalala’s place.

Chandiyo is the person whose advice even I seek. How can I give you Chandiyo?

Part 6

The time came to bid Farwell to sister Parmal going in-laws‘home. Parmal says:

Bapu Bhalala Veera beni Volavane halya re,
Dadana Veruma re beni halya sasre.

Brother Bapu Bhalala went to give send off to sister,
Sister was going to that in-laws‘home with which her grand father had enmity.

Bhalala says: ‘Brother, Sister is going to father’ s enemy’s home.‘

Mari chovte evo chakar Chandiyo hoy re
Tene re pu6ine beni jaja sasre

At my place servant Chandiyo is sitting,
Go to in-laws‘house after meeting him.

Parmal tells Chandiyo:

Chandiya re bandhva veera beni volavane halya re
Dada Na veru ma re Dhidi halya sasre

Brother Chandiya gave send off to sister.
Daughter was going at the house of grandfather’s enemy.

Chandiyo advises:

Lakhje re beni, kagadiyani re kor re,
Kagadiyo vanchine re beni ame avshu

Sister, please write a letter.
We will come soon after receiving a letter.

Parmal asks; ‘Brother Chandiya, at in-law’ s house, if in-laws will taunt me then what shall I do?‘

Noti didhi re mata milaldevi e re gal re,
Tunkaro nav bolel re bhalalo re bandhvo.

Mother Minal De never used abusive language for me
Even Bhalala brother was never curt.

Chandiyo said:

Kagaliyo re vanchi ne Beni lage vaderi re var re
Jate ne dhandhal re beni fer j janje

‘Oh, Sister you do not worry. If we come late even after reading your letter then take it for granted that there is certain change in behaviour of we Dhandhal people.’

Parmal feels hesitant in going at in-laws‘home. She does not want to go. She thinks it better to die rather than going to in-laws‘home.

Pavu tu re pavu tu veera, galthuthi ma re jer re
Ujeri no ta karva re ghedi ne avda

Oh, brother! When you gave the first honey water soon after my birth, it was good if you had mixed poison in it. Why did you bring me up?

Chandiyo encourages her: O sister you just see!

Mara lakshar eva margade nahi may re,
Ade ne ghode beni ame avshu.

My army is so huge that to ride all horses together would create commotion and obstruction on the same road.

We would come haphazardly on our horse by any route.

Parmal said, O brother I will not be able to tolerate any taunt. As I am enemy’s daughter, every one will taunt me.

Bapu Bhalala Veera! Menu maths no dhai re,
Avda ne ruvanda re veera! Mara tharhare.

Brother Bapu Bhalala! My head will break into pieces by taunts
I am flutter due to fear and my hair stands on end.

Part 7

Chi Chi Janjra treated a daughter of enemy in an unpleasant way. He treated Parmal as an unfavoured wife. One day all beloved women of Chi Chi Janjra invited Parmal to talk.

What Parmal saw there?

Maneti ne Utare re evi damru janjar ni jodiya re,
Parmal ne Utare re pag kera chavantiya.
Maneti ne utare re eva sacha masru na chir re,
Parmal ne utare re dhusa keri dhabdi

At beloved’s place, there was the pair of anklets
Parmal had only cheap ornaments
Beloved had the real silk cloth
On the other hand, at Parmal’s house there was only one tattered blanket.

Such type of discrimination was maintained. On one hand, Parmal had not a single proper dress and on the other hand, in the presence of Parmal, beloved wives of Chi Chi Janjra started to praise their spouse.

Apdo re Thakoriyo evo tran Bhuvan no rai re,
Tena re sarikhi re kalam re koi nahi.

Our Benedict is the king of three worlds
Nobody is as high as he is.

Bruised and tortured Parmal could not tolerate any more.

Bapu Bhalala maro madi ayo bhai re,
Tena te daba pag ni re modi apdo thakro.

Bapu Bhalala is my real brother and in comparison to him,
Our ruler is as useless as the left shoe of my brother.

‘Oh, no,’ As buzzing and humming of flies calms down and they loose their energy when they fall into hot oil similarly all the six women became pale faced on hearing refuting remark of Parmal.

Later on all the seven removed their clothes and took dive into pool to take bath. Like a crocodile, they enjoyed their swimming. They plunged deep into water and started playing game. They splashed water on each other with their feet. They were playing a game of kicking each other into the water. They deliberately kicked Parmal.

Maneti ni patudi evi pani ma re patkai re
Parmal ni patudi re nanosuno sidhvo

The beloved of Chi Chi Janjra’s kick was strong in comparison to Parmal’s powerless kick.

How could a poor Parmal kick heavily? Parmal was so much offended by the insult that the big circular anklet of 200 gram in weight which she was wearing that she threw on waist of beloved wife of Janjro and left the place. She came back at residence in chariot.

Parmal told the woman who was lighting lamp:

Divdiali re tu to divadiya ajval re,
Ruthio ne truthiyo re raja mol j avshe.

O woman you keep lightning lamp
The angry king would come back at palace.

She made the shepherd alert. ‘Dear brother Ratna shepherd; go on your swift camel and deliver message to my courageous brother Bapu Bhalala.

Ratna shepherd quickly reached the country of Bapu Bhalala and he woke up security guard.

Bapu na ne polida tu re to suto hoy to jag re
Asura kagadiya re Parmal bai na.
Kunchiyu rahi re evi Dhandhal ne Durbar re
Vena ne vaye re Ratna, poliyu ughde re

Oh, gate keeper of Bapu, if you are sleeping then wake up.
Parmal bai has sent letter at late hours.
The keys are lying at the palace of Dhandhal.
Ratna the doors will open only in the morning.

‘Ratna Shepherd! The doors of the gate will open only in morning. Keys are not with me.’

‘Is that so? Then you see this.’ After saying so Ratna shepherd took the camel slightly back and made it jump the side of a rampart. He went inside and gave sister’s letter to Bapu Bhalala.

Part 8

Bapu Bhalala attacked Dhaka Bangala.

Vagya re eva jangi na dhol re
Dholdia dhaduke re paradhida jo chade.
Pele nagare chade re sada satso rajput re
Bije te nagare chadi veera! Chaljo

The drums of mendicants sounded
At the beat of drum, all warriors started to march.
At the first beat of drum seven hundred fifty Rajput started their march.
At the second beat of drum, brother ‘you start marching.’

Before sitting in a chariot, Bapu Bhalala bowed his head to deity in temple.

‘Oh, Mother Goddess; please keep up my respect.’

‘Oh, Mother Goddess I have taken your solemn pledge, please maintain my credit.’ As soon as the tapping of horse sounded, soon Parmal told her co-wife:

Jagadiya neiJagadiya ne tara tran bhuvan na Rai re
Sundle ne supde gharena aviya

Awake your king, the ruler of the three worlds!
Tell him that many baskets containing plenty of ornaments have arrived.

‘O women, awake your brave man! Look, my brother has brought plenty of ornaments.’

When Bapu Bhalala arrested Chi Chi Da and imprisoned him in the jail at that time, what Parmal says:-

Bapu Bhalala Veer! Pahaliye kapda lidhel re
Bandhivan ne veera chodi meljo

Brave Bapu Bhalala Veer! During the occasion of marriage, you gave me gifts,
O brother now please oblige me more by making the prisoner free.

O sister! Are you mad? Now, why shall I make him free?

Gheli beni re ava gheladiya sha re bole re
Chichido ne manel mata kero bokdo

Sister, do not talk like an insane?
I took the vow that I would offer Chichido to Goddess as a scapegoat.

Part 9

Bapu Bhalala returned after arresting Chichida. Later on Bapu became arrogant regarding the strength of his arms. One day his sister-in law taunted him.

Bapu Bhalala Veera! Nee Rajvada ni reet re
Rajaviyu ni rityu re Sodha-gher nipje

Valiant brother Bapu Bhalala! These are not the ways in which royal behaves. Such type of arrogance is not a sign of a good behaviour in royal class.

‘Sister in law: where shall I go to learn the ways of royals?’

She replied, ‘Go to my maternal family member Sodha Rajput’ s home to learn the ways of royals.‘

Bapu Bhalala! Bhalala n joo jnar re
Matida maliye are bhange tara Bhalda

Brother in law Bhalala: when Earth melts into Earth, i.e. body dies and merges into earth at that time the legs are crossed. Therefore, it is better to give up arrogance regarding your spear or strength of arms.

Bevraviya bevraviya te to nanasuna re Rajput re,
Tethi ne bivraviya re chore charan Bhatne.

‘Sister-in-law, you can frighten any other ordinary Rajput by talking about your maternal Sodha Sumara; but not me.’

Karda karda dishe re eva Sodha ne Sumara na raj
Rajviyuni ritiyu re Sodha gher nipje

Administration of the kingdom of Sodha and Sumara is very strict. Actual royal equittequetes are maintained in the family of Sodha.

‘Ok, then Bhalala; see at my maternal village, there is the Somar Lake. Around the Somar Lake, 1600 camels carrying guineas are wandering all alone. If you are very powerful then go and turn them back.’

Ok, Sister-in-law, done. Go to your maternal home and tell your Sodha:

Ke je bhabhi re tara mayarma jayne vat re
Rajaviyu ni rite Thakoro re haljo
Mari beti ne mare devu chhe kanya dan re
Solso sandhiyu re bai vanshe alvi

Sister-in-law, go to your maternal home.
Tell your family members that behave in royal manners of Rajputs
I want to give gifts to my daughter in marriage
Ask them to send sixteen hundred camels as gift to my daughter.‘

Bapu Bhalala sent the army at village of Sodha. In that, Chi Chi Janjro of Dhank Bangala attacked the village of Gunjva village and he drove away cows. Due to pain in his eye, Bhalala remained asleep. He visualised Goddess in his dream. In a dream, Goddess said:

‘Bhalala get up, otherwise I will be insulted. In a fit of arrogance, Bhalala denied to get up.

Dukhe dukhe re mari dabi kor ni ankh re
Ghoda re ghare re mare noye ravna

(Goddess, ‘My left eye pains and I have developed conjunctive eye. Further more horse and a cavalier are not at home of Raval Rajputs.’)

So Goddess cursed him:-

Dukhjo re dukhjo re tari bhavobhav ankh re
Ghoda ne hajo re ghere tare ravala

May your eyes pain forever!
May you suffer in spite of having horse and cavalier!

E…m! Does Goddess behave with me in this way? Now you take your spear and pony.‘

By saying so Bapu Bhalala gave up spear and pony that were gifted by mother goddess and fought all alone so finally he was killed.

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