Folk Tales of Gujarat (and Jhaverchand Meghani)

by Vandana P. Soni | 2014 | 98,532 words

This study represents an English translation of the Gujarat Folk tales composed by Gujarati poet Jhaverchand Meghani (1896-1947). Meghani was born in Chotila and left an important landmark on the history of Saurashtra and Gujarat folklore, Indian poetry, journalism and other literary sciences....

Doshi Ma Nee Vato

Ao ba! Varta kahe ne!” Em zankhi zankhi ne Tamara bachha tamne satavta hase. Nanpanma Dadi ne moye sambhleli varta tamne sambharti yey nahi hoy. Kato varta kehvana tamne navrash nahi hoy. Vadhi vadhi ne marine tame bachha ne suvdavi deta haso.

A vakhte doshi ma gharma hot to kevu sukh that! Kika kiki ne varta kidha j karat, pan ere! Ka to Doshi ma mari gaya hase ne jivta hoy to kajiya karine tame emne agha kadhiya hashe! Doshima tak tak kare te tama rat hi sa sehvay!

Have pastavo thai chhe? To, lyo hu pachhi avu chhu–tak tak karva nahi, kikakikine varta kehva. Tamey sambhalso no ne? Ek vakhat tamare dadi thavu padshe, ho!

Tame tarchodeli

To The Young Mothers of Gujarat!

“O mother! Tell us a story! By saying such, your children must be distressing you. In your childhood the stories that you have heard by your grandmother either you might not be in state of recollecting them or you might not have leisure to tell the stories. You must be making your children sleep either by scolding them or by beating them.

At this point of time, it would be very good if an old woman would be at your home. They would have kept on telling the stories to your children. Oh, no, either old woman might be dead otherwise; if she is alive, you might have driven her out by quarrelling with her. How can you tolerate her tedious prattle?

Do you repent now? Then, look, I am coming back not to make tedious prattling but to tell stories to your tiny tots. Will you also like to hear them? Once during life time you would also become grand ma!‖

Yours forsaken
Doshi Ma

(One story is Ajab Chor from the 5 selected stories of Doshi Mani vato and one story titled Sonbai is from the cancelled anthology of Doshi Mani Vato. They are translated as following.)

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