Diaspora of Bhuta (Daiva) worshipping cult—India and Indonesia

by Shilpa V. Sonawane | 2019 | 34,738 words

This study researches the Bhuta (Daiva) worshipping cult in India and Indonesia.—This Essay is carried out at a multidisciplinary level, through the religious, geographical, historical, mythological, cultural and anthropological analogy between two states, India and the Indonesian archipelago, and its rich culture and religion, together with the pr...

Part 6.5 - Tantric Deities (Shaktism)

[Full title: Shaktism (India And Indonesia)—Tantric Deities]

The group of gods -such as "Nine durgas" (Navadurga), "eight lakshmis" (Ashta Lakshmi) or "Fifteen Nityas" -are very common in Hinduism. However, no set units reveal Shaktizm better than ten Mahavidyas (Dasamahavidya). Through them, the Shaktas believe that "the only truth is seen as ten different aspects: the divine mother adored and approached by ten cosmic personalities."

Mahavidyas are considered tantric in nature and are generally identified as follows: Bhavatarini, the goddess of the temple at Dakshineswar Cali Temple, with one foot on top of Shiva.

1. Cali goddess as cosmic destruction or death or "predator of time" (God the highest systems Kalikula)

2. Tara: God as guide and protector, or gods as Savior

3. Eta-Tripurasundari (Shodashi): a goddess who is "beautiful in the Three Realms" (Supreme God of Srikula Systems); "Parvati Tantric"

4. Bhofanishvari: Goddess of the Mother of the World or Goddess of her body Earth / Universe.

5. Hiravi: The fierce goddess

6. Chhinnamasta: Goddess-self-severed

7. Dhumavati: A widow of a goddess

8. Bagalamukhi: A goddess who paralyzes enemies

9. Matangi: The Outcaste Goddess (in the Kalikula Systems); Prime Minister of Lalita (in the systems of Sercola); "Saraswati Tantric"

10. Kamala: Lotus Goddess; "Tantric Lakshmi"

The gods set above are included in the preferential trading arrangement -Matrika ("Seven Little Mother"), "which is the power of the various major gods, and as shown helps Shakta Devi's great struggle against demons", 64 Eugenis.

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