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1927 | 11,233,916 words

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Queen Sumithra - The Enlightened

T. V. Balasubramanian

Among the three queens of Dasarata, Sumithra stands apart. She is a contrast to Kaikeyee by her self-efacement; even to Kousalya by her spirituality. Like a distance hidden star, she is of self-withdrawing nature. Under a steady gaze, Sumithra emerges with a fascinating glow. Her faith and adherence to Dharma were unflinching and unfaltering. Purity made her heart crystal like. Her intuition, insight and vision were sharp and far penetrating. She saw in Sri Rama divinity, and spiritual stature; exceeding human measure. She perceived Sri Rama, as an embodiment of Dharma. Sumitra did not discourage her son Lakshmana, when he proceeded to forest following Sri Rama to share with him, the rigours of the life of fourteen years of exile. She felt by her mother’s intuition that Lakshmana was born to her to serve Sri Rama to share with him, be it adversity or prosperity. In bidding farewell to him, she said

“Go forth Lakshmana
put-up with the discomforts.
Think the forest is Ayodhya;
revere Sri Rama as your father Dasaratha,
and regard Seetha as your own mother”.

Lakshmana inherited his adoration and devotion to Sri Rama, from his mother Sumithra. He lived as Sri Rama’s second outside-prana. Without Sri Rama, he would decline the Lordship of even the three Lokas or immortality. Lakshamana gave himself away to Rama, won over by his ‘Atma Gunas.

Sumithra believed at heart that Sri Rama was Heaven-Born. She consoled and assuaged grief-stricken Kousalya and tried to drive away from her, her illusion that her son Sri Rama was a mortal. She said

“Your son Sri Rama possessing heavenly virtues, is a “purushottama”. Born to you after years of thapas, japa and homams and after you took ‘payasannam’ brought from Devaloka by the performance of “Puthrakama Yeshti” Yaga by Sage Rishya Sringa. Viswamithra Brahmarishi has initiated Sri Rama into Astra and Sastra Vidyas.

Before he was sixteen Sri Rama killed ‘THATAKA’ and freed Dhandakaranya from her menace. He killed the Asura Subhahu and protected the Yaga performed by Viswamithra at Siddha Ashrama. He broke the Siva Dhanus at the Janaka’s court and won Seetha as “Veerya Sulka”. He established the supremacy of his powers over Parasurama by wrenching from him the Vishnu Dhanus. Do you think, Kousalya that any enemy can face the aim of Sri Rama’s arrow and escape?

He could have easily thwarted Kaikeyee’s evil design; abstained from going to forest; continued in Ayodhya as prince - Elect; and ascended the throne after Dasaratha on his own right, unquestioned. But he would not deviate from the path of Dharma. To redeem Dasaratha, his father, from his promise to Kaikeyee though he made it under her duress, was his supreme duty “pithru Vakya paripalanam” is his life’s mission. When Sri Rama thought that Kaikeyee suspected him of lingering on the pretext of Bharatha’s return from Kekaya kingdom, he made public his firmness by a declaration that he was not hankering after worldly wealth or enjoyment. His aspiration was not for the sovereignty.

He was a striving saint. He stands by the support of Dharma only.

The fame of Sri Rama as satya-vrata has spread landwide and the flag of his fame hoisted high, flutters over all the three worlds. When Sri Rama, your son is treading such a path of the great, it is really unbecoming of you to grieve for him. My son Lakshamana with the love as that of a father and with the devotion of a faithfull servant is with him, ever on vigil to guard him from any harm, with his terrible sword and infallible arrow and bow. Seetha is with Sri Rama undeterred by forest life and with an unshakable faith that under Sri Rama’s protection, Ayodhya and forest will make for her no difference. They are with him as Mahavishnu is with Mahalakshmi and Adhisesha, Sri Rama’s body shines with lustre and heavenly glow by the Atmagunas housed in him. Sun will be deterred from scorching Sri Rama with his hot rays in the forest. The forest wind will always blow on him and dare not visit his face too roughly. The moon, with her nectar oozing cool rays will hug him in the night and lull him asleep with a mother’s love. By the departure of Sri Rama to forest, not only the people of Ayodhya but the lakes and rivers and even the trees have become mute and motionless in sorrow. All look as if they lost their life’s cheer.

Believe me, Kousalya, the atma - jothis of the inner self of Sri Rama, permeates and engulfs the entire cosmos. The source of effulgence of the sun is from him. Moonlight cool and enjoyable rays of the moon are from him. Without Sri Rama, Ayodhya is a forest, with Sri Rama, a forest is a Rashtra.

Leaving off your grief, you look forward to the glorious days ahead. As sure as the day after the night, your son Sri Rama Chandra with Seetha and Lakshamana will return on the expiry of fourteen years of exile, shining with all his magnificience and glory, as the sun and moon, on the passing away of the shadow of the chaya Grahas over them. Bathed with the water of tears of joy flowing from your eyes, Sri Rama will soon ascend the throne of Ayodhya and crowned by the sage Vasishta, along with Seetha Rajya Shree’ and ‘Veerya Shree’! This will happen for certain, not through human design, thwartable, but by the plan and decree of God, UNTHWARTABLE, Rama Rajya will be established on Earth to confer on people ever-lasting peace and prosperity through un-surpassable benign rule of Sri Ramachandra, your son of Godly incarnation. After these words, Sumithra spoke no more and became silent.

Kousalya heard these astonishing assuaging words of Sumithra, wiped off the tears from her eyes and looked up her face beamed like a full moon on the rain-washed clear sky at the advent of the month Sarad.

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