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1927 | 11,233,916 words

Triveni is a journal dedicated to ancient Indian culture, history, philosophy, art, spirituality, music and all sorts of literature. Triveni was founded at Madras in 1927 and since that time various authors have donated their creativity in the form of articles, covering many aspects of public life....

Welcome to 'Triveni'

K Sampathgiri Rao

Welcome to ‘Triveni

The many friends of Triveni in Bangalore are pleased that its talented Editor, Sri K. Ramakotiswara Rau, has decided to have the journal printed and published at Bangalore. On behalf of these friends, I offer a hearty welcome to Triveni to its new home.

Bangalore is richly endowed both by man and nature, and justly claims to be the ‘City Beautiful’. It is the scene of the devoted labours of those who are working for a Renaissance in Kannada Letters. While it is the metropolis of the Mysore State, and in a sense of Karnatak in general, Bangalore is also centrally situated for all South India, and is something of a cosmopolitan city. May the advent of Triveni to Bangalore mark the beginning of a new and prosperous chapter in the life of Triveni!

It is perhaps strange for an Associate Editor of a journal to welcome it in this manner. Sri Ramakotiswara Rau has done me the honour of associating me with the conduct of the journal which he has built up with rare devotion, facing many vicissitudes of fortune during the last fourteen years. I share the privilege without in any manner deserving it. He still shoulders all the editorial responsibility. As an old friend and well-wisher of Triveni, I greet the Editor in this new home and trust that Triveni will receive fuller nourishment from all who are interested in the cultural life of India and its interpretation.

Matters of culture to which Triveni is dedicated may appear an idle preoccupation at the present time, with the uncertainties and anxieties created by the War which is rapidly approaching our shores. But even war ought not to deprive us of our essential humanness. Courage, faith, and humanity are needed above all things, and these are re-affirmed by our holding fast to things that matter. Even the mental and emotional shocks which we are beginning to experience, are in the nature of a nightmare that is sure to pass, whereas matters of culture endure and give us the strength to build anew, out of the wreckage of a war-broken world, a happier home for man. May Triveni help keep this faith bright!

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