Bhaktavijaya: Stories of Indian Saints

by Justin E. Abbott | 1933

This is the English translation of Bhaktavijaya which is a Marathi poem written by Mahipati in 40,000 lines. The text documents the legends of Indian saints from various backgrounds and extensively covers figures like Ekanath, Tukaram, and Ramadasa, highlighting their contributions to scholarship, philosophy, poetry, and social reform. The Bhaktavi...

16.13: Krishna goes and meets Kurmadas

194. Then the Life of the world, smiling, said in soft words to Dnyandev, ‘Let us hasten to meet Kurmadas.

195. If I do not meet him, My heart will net be satisfied. The day that I meet My bhaktas, that day is a happy one and My eyes experience a sense of peace.’

196. Then the four walking together, namely, Dnyandev, Nama, Savata and the Lord of Pandhari, they joyfully journeyed along the road.

197. Hearing all this you may feel some doubt, because there is mention of so many names, but the King of Pandhari himself mentioned them and recorded them as they really occurred.

198. You wise bhaktas must not blame me. Hari proclaims Himself to be the Saviour of the sinner and Advocate of His bhaktas.

199. In the compound word ‘Sinner-Purifier,’ the word 'Sinner’ comes first to the lips, and is followed by the word ‘Purifier,’ the Ocean of compassion. Therefore it is that in verses the names of his Bhaktas appear first.

200. Thus along with His Bhaktas the Life of the world joyfully walked. In the meanwhile Kurmadas [Kurmadasa] experienced some very good omens.

201. Just as when a cloud rains upon the earth, the lightning flashes in the East, and from the north a gentle wind blows,

202. so, because the Cloud of joy (Krishna) was coming to meet him, his right eye began to droop, and every now and then his arm twitched. Such were the omens that Kurmadas [Kurmadasa] experienced.

203. Just as the mother cow with her udders full of milk rushes to her calf, so the Lord of Pandhari came to him and He could not contain his joy in His heart.

204. As Kurmadas saw the Life of the world, he reverently prostrated himself on the ground and God embraced him, holding him by His four arms.

205. After the bhaktas had met one another, the Husband of Rukmini said to Kurmadas, ‘Whatever gifts you may ask of Me I shall give to you.’

206. Hearing Him say this, Kurmadas [Kurmadasa] replied, ‘I have only this to ask of You, that You give me Your blessing, and never depart from this place.’

207. The dark-complexioned One replied, ‘I will do so,’ and He has remained there always. The God-loving bhaktas know Lahul as the sacred place equal to that of Pandhari.

208. In the months of Ashadh (July) and Kartik [Kartika] (November) pilgrims gather here, and sincere bhaktas come here to see God.

209. In the next chapter there are interesting stories. Hearers must give close attention. Just as a miser when he sees a store of wealth, lovingly becomes absorbed in it,

210. so give attention to this story and reverently listen. Mahipati, who is the dust of your feet, lovingly worships at your feet.

211. Swasti (Peace!) This book is the Shri Bhaktavijaya. As the Lord of the earth hears it He will be pleased. Listen then, you God-loving pious bhaktas. Thia is the sixteenth very delightful chapter.

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