Bhaktavijaya: Stories of Indian Saints

by Justin E. Abbott | 1933

This is the English translation of Bhaktavijaya which is a Marathi poem written by Mahipati in 40,000 lines. The text documents the legends of Indian saints from various backgrounds and extensively covers figures like Ekanath, Tukaram, and Ramadasa, highlighting their contributions to scholarship, philosophy, poetry, and social reform. The Bhaktavi...

16.5: Namdev’s kirtan at Pandhari

68. At that time Namdev [Namadeva] happened to be performing a kirtan [kirtana] at the great door of Pandhari. With cymbals in his hand and love in his heart and accompanied by a band of singers he danced and shouted aloud in his joy.

69. Using the beloved names of Ram [Rama] and Krishna, and becoming unconscious in body, he sang of the goodness of Shri Hari.

70. He laid aside every thought of pride and holding his ears he danced. He kept in his heart the appearance of the image of Vitthal [Vitthala].

71. Lovingly he brought to his mind the noble qualities of Shri Hari, His birth, His name and His deeds, and sang them in joy.

72. He who is naturally the resting-place of His bhaktas. He who is the secret of the wise and the root of final deliverance, and who is called the Giver of deliverance;

73. Krishna, the cloud-dark complexioned One, Mukunda, Murari, the good Being, Achyuta, Narahari, the cloud-dark complexioned One, O victorious Ram [Rama], O Raghupati.

74. Victory, victory to Thee, Saviour of Mount Govardhan [Govardhana], Victory, victory, to Thee who takest compassion upon the bhaktas, Saviour of the lowly, Pandurang.

75. Victory, victory to Thee who hast in Thy hand the giving of every blessing, Breaker of the bonds of sin, O Hrishikeshi (Lord of the heart), Lord of the gods, Lord of all, Possessor of eternal guise, Thou whom destruction cannot reach.

76. Thou who art Supreme Joy, O Shripati, Thou art the beginning and the middle and the end, Thou art the joy and the wealth of goodness unattainable except through Thee.

77. 0 Brother of the lowly, O Lord of Pandhari, Thou art my hearer as well as the speaker, Thou art the giver of joy founded on love, given to me a helpless one.’

78. Thus Nama at that time brought to his mind Shri Hari and said, ‘O Shri Hari, O Govinda, quickly remove me from the sorrows of this earthly life.’

79. Then the Husband of Rukmini was pleased. With His four arms He embraced Nama with His lotus-hands. He caressed Nama’s face and thus the Life of the world addressed Nama.

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