Bhaktavijaya: Stories of Indian Saints

by Justin E. Abbott | 1933

This is the English translation of Bhaktavijaya which is a Marathi poem written by Mahipati in 40,000 lines. The text documents the legends of Indian saints from various backgrounds and extensively covers figures like Ekanath, Tukaram, and Ramadasa, highlighting their contributions to scholarship, philosophy, poetry, and social reform. The Bhaktavi...

14.8: Krishna returns to his temple

135. He gave the Brahmans leave to depart and Himself returned to His temple, accompanied by all the bhaktas who in joy shouted aloud His name.

136. Then Satyabhama, Radha and Rukmini brought different kinds of food, and served it before them. Krishna lovingly sat down in the assembly of His bhaktas to eat.

137. Just as the moon is glorious with all the clusters of stars around it, so the Husband of Rukmini in His joy sat down in the assembly of Vaishnavas.

138. In His love the Life of the world put morsels of food in the mouths of each one, and on His yellow robe in His affection caught whatever food fell from their mouths.

139. Having completed His lovefeast, He gave to the bhaktas the pansupari. Then the Husband of Rukmini laid down on His bed of ease.

140. The Vaishnavas took leave of Him and went to their homes. With joy and love they worshipped Him in their heart.

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