Vasudevavijaya of Vasudeva (Study)

by Sajitha. A | 2018 | 50,171 words

This page relates ‘Vakyavali of Payyur Vasudeva’ of the study on the Vasudevavijaya of Vasudeva from the 11th century A.D. The Vasudevavijayam is an educational poem belonging to the Shastra-Kavya category of technical Sanskrit literature. The Vasudevavijayam depicts in 657 verses the story of Lord Krishna while also elucidates the grammatical rules of the Ashtadhyayi of Panini (teaching the science of grammar). The subject-content of the poem was taken from the tenth Skandha of the Bhagavatapurana.

Vākyāvalī of Payyūr Vāsudeva

[Full title: Other Śāstrakāvyas (8): Vākyāvalī of Payyūr Vāsudeva]

Vākyāvalī is also a Śāstrakāvya, in which it incorporates the Vākyas of Vararuci like gīrnaḥ śreyaḥ, dhenavaḥ śrīḥ etc. by Kaṭapayādi system help to compute the astronomical positions of the Moon day by day. The work is authored by Vāsudeva, a member of the famous Payyūr Family flourished during the 15th century.

These are the important Śāstrakāvyas which were composed to illustrate various aspects of śāstras. In India especially in Kerala this tradition occupies a great position. It can be found that the Śāstrakāvyas are not only concerned with Vyākaraṇaśāstra but also other sciences in Sanskrit. Through this method the śāstra principles can easily studied and memorized.

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