Vedic influence on the Sun-worship in the Puranas

by Goswami Mitali | 2018 | 68,171 words

This page relates ‘Sun-worship Vratas (45) Vishnuvrata’ of the study on the Vedic influence of Sun-worship in the Puranas, conducted by Goswami Mitali in 2018. The tradition of observing Agnihotra sacrifice and the Sandhya, etc., is frequently observed among the Hindus. Another important innovation of the Sun-worship in the Puranas is the installation of the images of the Sun in the temples.—This section belongs to the series “Rituals Related to the Sun-Worship in the Puranas”.

The Purāṇic texts refer to a vrata, Viṣṇuvrata by name.[1] According to some other references, Lord Viṣṇu is worshipped in it; but according to the Viṣṇudharottarapurāṇa, different groups constituting of four forms of deities, are worshipped during the observance of the vrata. Lord Hari appears in each and every group. One of the groups is constituted of Nara, Nārāyaṇa, Haya and Haṃsa. Again, another group of deities is consisted of Mitra, Varuṇa, Indra and Viṣṇu. Each in the groups, the first two forms are of the Sādhyas and the later two forms are of the Siddhas. The Viṣṇuvrata lasts for a year.[2]

Footnotes and references:


Agni P., 17.15-20; Matsyapurāṇa, 101.37, Viṣṇudharmottarapurāṇa, 3.151.1-8


Viṣṇudharmottarapurāṇa, 3.151.1-8

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