Soma in Vedic Mythology and Ritual (study)

by Anjana Chakraborty | 2017 | 51,491 words

This thesis is called: A study of the evolution of Soma in vedic mythology and ritual. It represents a thorough discussion on the characteristics of Vedic Gods, Soma and Vedic rituals. As the ritual plays a very important role in Rigveda it is only natural that Soma, the plant, the juice of which is so much used in the ritual is deified as one of ...

Chapter 3(g) - Agnisomiya Pashu rite

The rites connected with the Animal ritual related to Agni-Soma end with the Patnisamyaja offerings[1], as described in the Pashubandha ritual. The Vaitana Shrauta Sutra. states that all the Animal rituals are to be performed on the model of Agnisomiya (Animal) rituals[2], as also the Pashubandha ritual. The commentator clarifies that the real model of the Animal ritual is the Agnisomiya ritual[3]. The Pashubandha ritual mentions only the general rules, particularly the sequence of the ritual.

Footnotes and references:


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