Significance of the Moon in Ancient Civilizations

by Radhakrishnan. P | 2017 | 51,158 words

This study analyzes the Significance of the Moon in Ancient Civilizations and it’s contribution to modern astrology. This thesis also aims at integrated scientific explanations on New and Full Moon and their influence of Geo-physical phenomena and also analyzes how significant a role the moon plays in keeping the life on earth. Astrology is the or...

2. Dr. Balamuralikrishna (Carnatic Voclist)


Dr. Balamurali Krishna Date of Birth: Sunday, July 06, 1930; 06:40:00Pm; Vijayawada AstroAnalysis have been done about the reason bestowed on the native to become a well known vocalist and the influential planetary support of the moon.

Chandralagna Phalam:

[...] (Saravali-13/51)

Should the Moon be in Scorpio at birth, one will be a niggard, having round and flank thighs and shanks, spiky physique and nose, atheist, wretched diseased, malicious in acts, pilferer, ailments at childhood, disfigured chin and nails, attractive eyes, conscientious, competent, voluptuary, deprived of relatives, crazy luxuriant valorous, proprietor misappropriated wealth and body with large midriff and a big head.

Natal Chart Balamurali

This native chart is one of the best example of the enjoyer of accurate results detected as per the location of planets in Navamsha as compared to the Rashi Chart. The Moon is owned in Cancerand the Venus is positioned in Pisces which flourish the life of the native ([...]). He was born in Shukla Paksha Ekadashi.

In Rashi chart Moon is debilitated whereas it is located in own house Cancer as per Navamsha. That shows the adequate strength of the Moon as per Astrology rule. The due aspect of Mercury, Jupiter and the Sun towards Ascendant given all the benefic yogas in his life especially Vesi and Vasi. The lord of 2nd bhava Saturn is owned with Ascendant aspected by Mercury is the most advantageous to the native.

Sputas of Dr. Balamurti

As the Mercury got direct 180o aspect, the concerned will be the scholar of recreation arts, courteous in appearance and a Dandnetha in all respects ([...]) He was awarded with Padma Vibhushan, India's second-highest civilian honour, for his contribution towards Indian Music. He was made Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts Et Des Letters by the French Government in 2005.

Sputas of Dr. Balamurti

Nichabhanga Rajayoga and Sunabha Yoga offered by the Moon play in a decisive role in this natal chart. The other yogas viz., Gajkesari, Adhiyoga from Ascendant, Vesi, Vasi, Kahala, Pash, Brahma and Laxmi are supportive for the stamped reputation of the native. The position of Moon in Cancer also indicates the scholasticism in Melakarthararagas connected with. Balamurali Krishna commenced his career from the age of six and conducted around 25000 musical concerts conferring the ecstacy of enjoyment of the mass public. He was the master of 72 Melkarthara ragas which interacted with the legendary musicians in India. He was the veteran of Arts and Letters who became an actor for a short while. He composed of 400 masterpieces in Telugu, Sanskrit, Kannada and Tamil. He was having crucial period Maraka 11th sign lord Venus (Venus is located in 8th bhava in Natal Chart); commenced from 09-012016 to 08-03-2017. During the main period of Mars and Sub period of Venus (Ashtamadhipa) the blessed musicians was expired on 22-11-2016.

He composed several thillanans, kirtans and varnams as great ccontribution to aesthetic India. He invigorated old ragas like Narthak and Sunadavinodini and reshaped new ragas like Lavangi, Mahathi, Manorama, Murali, Omkari, Prathimadhyamavathi, Rohini, Saravashree, Sumukham, Sushma, Ganapathi, Siddhi and Pushkara Godvari.

The Mercury stands for Knowledge, qualities, intelligence, music, awards, rewards, mastermind and personal development.

([...]) Phaladeepika 2/5

He was honourned by illustrious awards like Kerala State Award for Bet Singer (1987), National Award (1976, 1987), Padma Vibhushan (1991) and Kerala State Film Award (2011).


From 15-02-1991 to 14-12-1993 the native was undergoing Venus Dasha with Bhukti of Mercury. Venus Direct aspect to sing of Mercury in Natal Chart stands special effect. As per the Analysis, it is noticed that the Dashamsha (Div-10) Chart indicates that Ascendant is located in Gemini with due aspect of Sun, Venus and Ketu from the 7th bhava (Saggitarius) and Moon owned in Cancer (2nd Bhva) rendered the high dignity to the native with Padma Vibhushan in the year 1991.

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