Significance of the Moon in Ancient Civilizations

by Radhakrishnan. P | 2017 | 51,158 words

This study analyzes the Significance of the Moon in Ancient Civilizations and it’s contribution to modern astrology. This thesis also aims at integrated scientific explanations on New and Full Moon and their influence of Geo-physical phenomena and also analyzes how significant a role the moon plays in keeping the life on earth. Astrology is the or...

5. Chandramasa and Seasons

The nakshatra-masa are generally known as Mesha to Meena covering twelve months and the other names are Chaitra, Vaishakha, Jyeshta, Aashada, Sravana, Poshtapada, Aaswina, Karthika, Margasheersha, Pousha, Magha and Phalguna.


When the two Chandramasa make Ritus such as:

[Table 5.2 Chandramasa and Ritus.]

SLN Chandra Masa Combinations Ritu (s)
1 Chaitra, Vaishakha Vasanta
2 Jyeshta, Aashada Greeshma
3 Sravana, Poshtapada Varsha
4 Aaswina, Karthika Sharath
5 Margasheersha, Pousha Hemantha
6 Magha and Phalguna Shishira

The important afflictions of Electional Astrology have been described as Amhaspati, Samsarpa, Adhimasa. The month without solar ingress is identified as Adhi Masa. The month with two solar ingresses is known as Amhaspati.

Chandra masau Dwi Sankranti yuktau Amhaspathiruchyathe.

A month without solar ingress is renowned as Samsarpa and the month before Amhaspathi without solar ingress is identified as Adhi Masa.

Soorya Samkrama Rahithe Mala Masobhidheeyathe

The four types of Years of astrology are known as Savana, Samvatsara Nakshatra and Chandra.

Souram Chandram Savanam Cha Thadha Nakshatram eva cha

60*24 minutes reckoned from Sunrise to Sunrise is Savana day and year is of 360 days duration. The Sun's journey of the Zodiac from Zero Aries to 360th Pisces with a duration of 365.25 days is called a savmatsara. Nakshatra is the journey of Moon, through 27 which tenant the mighty Sidereal Zodiac with a duration of 324 days.

Footnotes and references:


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