Shiva Gita (study and summary)

by K. V. Anantharaman | 2010 | 35,332 words

Shiva-gita Chapter 5 (English summary), entitled “bestowal of boon to rama (ramaya-varapradana)” as included in the critical study by K. V. Anantharaman. The Shiva-gita is a philosophical text from the Padma-purana in the form of a dialogue between Lord Shiva and Shri Rama. It deals with topics such as Advaita metaphysics and Bhakti and consists of 768 verses.

Chapter 5 - Bestowal of Boon to Rāma (rāmāya-varapradāna)

5.1 Appearance of Golden Chariot.

There appeared Abhijñāna Śākuntala if from nowhere a glittering golden chariot studded with precious gems and the four wheels smeared with the slush of Gautamī river, bedecked with festoon of pearls and covered by a hundred white canopies, a brilliant standard with bull emblem flying aloft. The chariot was adorned with fresh Pārijāta flowers in garland form and it was accompanied by celestials performing ethereal music and dance.

5.2 Śiva and Pārvatī ascend chariot.

The blue throated, tawny haired Śiva got down from the bull and entered the chariot to the accompaniment of lilting melodies of the lute and the flute by lotus eyed divine damsels and sat there in the delectable company of Pārvatī.

5.3 Bestowal Pāśupata to Rāma.

Lord lifted[1] the prostrating Rāma and made him sit on his divine lap and after having sipped the sacred water from the kamaṇḍalu, presented Rāma a divine bow, an inexhaustible quiver and the most sacred arrow called Pāśupata. The moon donning god told Rāma that it is the most destructive weapon, dreadfully ferocious capable of destroying the world and can be used only when one’s life is under threat.

5.4 Gods instructed to help Rāma.

Then Lord Śiva called the assembled Gods and instructed them to appear on earth Abhijñāna Śākuntala monkeys to help Rāma conquer Rāvaṇa, Abhijñāna Śākuntala Rāvaṇa had the boon that he is invincible by Gods. All the Gods also presented, on Lord Śiva’s advice, Rāma with śastras named after them to help him vanquish the cruel Rāvaṇa. Viṣṇu gave Nārāyaṇa arrow, Indra gave Aindra, Brahmā gave Brahmadaṇḍa and Agni Agneya and so on.

5.5 Rāma’s poser on Rāvaṇa’s overcoming.

Rāma was extremely pleased and prostrating Lord Śiva with folded hands, in all humility, prayed to the Lord and beseeched him with the query how the impregnable Lanka can be subdued by him and cruel Rāvaṇa humbled.

5.6 Rāvaṇa has dug his own grave.

Lord Śiva assured him that the Gods taking birth Abhijñāna Śākuntala monkeys have powers to help him cross over the ocean and he need not be afraid about the powers of Rāvaṇa Abhijñāna Śākuntala his time has come to an end, because of his wicked activities and proneness to sin. Only a very lucky[2] warrior will get enemies who are sinners because their sins themselves will defeat the enemies. Rāvaṇa’s action against brāhmaṇas and lust for Sītā will ring his death knell.

5.7 Rāma—a mere pretext.

Śiva also assured Rāma that He alone is the nondual Reality and destroyer of the worlds and even destroyer of death itself. He alone is the entire world consisting of all the animate and inanimate objects. All the rākṣasas with the frenzied fervour for war are already entered into his mouth even before the start of the war. Rāma is a mere pretext[3] for that. cf. Bhagavad Gītā . Rāma will automatically attain the fame of conquering the invincible ten headed Rāvaṇa.

Thus ends the fifth chapter of Śiva-gītā.

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