Nyaya-Vaisheshika categories (Study)

by Diptimani Goswami | 2014 | 61,072 words

This page relates ‘Works of Annambhatta’ of the study on the Nyaya-Vaisheshika categories with special reference to the Tarkasangraha by Annambhatta. Both Nyaya and Vaisesika are schools of ancient Indian Philosophy, and accepted in their system various padarthas or objects of valid knowledge. This study investigates how the Tarkasamgraha reflects these categories in the combined Nyayavaisesika school.

Works of Annaṃbhaṭṭa

Though Tarkasaṃgraha and its commentary Dīpikā are the most popular works of Annaṃbhaṭṭa, there are some other works which are ascribed to his authorship. According Aufrecht, the following works are written by Annaṃbhaṭṭa - Mitākṣara, Tattva-Bodhinī-ṭīkā, Nyāya-pariśiṣṭa and Subodhinī-sudhāsāra. Mitākṣara is a commentary on Bādarāyana’s Brahma-Sūtras. This is surely written by Annaṃbhaṭṭa because it has the same colophon which is found in the Dīpikā.[1]

Tattva-Bodhinī-ṭīkā is inferably a commentary on Tattva-Bodhinī. Nyāya-pariśiṣṭa Prakāśa may be stated as a commentary on Nyāya-pariśiṣṭa of Udayana and Subodhinī-sudhāsāra, the last one is mentioned to be a commentary on Someśvara’s Nyāya-Sudhā.[2]

According to Aufrecht and Hall, there are two other works of Annaṃbhaṭṭa on grammar namely Kātyāyana-Prātisākhya-Vyākhyāna and MahāBhāṣya-Vivaraṇodyotana.[3] Chandraśekhara Śāstrī has mentioned two other works of Annaṃbhaṭṭa, viz. Tattva-cintāmaṇyāloka-Siddhañjāna and Brahmasūtra-Vṛtti.[4] Thus, he wrote at least three works on Nyāya, one on Pūrvamīmāṃsā, one or two on Vedānta and two on grammar. Therefore, it may be stated that Annaṃbhaṭṭa was a versatile writer.[5]

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