Nitiprakasika (Critical Analysis)

by S. Anusha | 2016 | 34,012 words

This page relates ‘Popular Astra-prayogas of Ramayana War’ of the study on the Nitiprakasika by Vaisampayana which deals primarily with with Dhanurveda, i.e., the science of war, weapons and military strategies of ancient Indian society. It further contains details on Niti-shastra, i.e., the science of politics and state administration but most verses of the Nitiprakashika deal with the classification and description of different varieties of weapons, based on the four groups of Mukta, Amukta, Muktamukta and Mantramukta.

Popular Astra-prayogas of Rāmāyaṇa War

(a) Rāvaṇa’s Āsura missile shot multitude of arrows.

(b) Rāvaṇa used a weapon made by Maya that shot forth shining spears, maces and nooses.

(c) Rāvaṇa’s Saurāṣṭra gave out large and shining cakras

(d) Rāma’s Raudra, Pāvaka and Gārutmata missiles created multiplicity of arrows.

(e) Indrajit could bindHanumān with his Brahmāstra. He also bound Rāma and Lakṣmaṇa with his Nāgāstra.

Missiles countered by other missiles:

Divine countered by Divine
Missile Counter Instance
Āgneyāstra Āgneyāstra Lakṣmaṇa countered Atikāya’s astra: mutally burnt
Āgneyāstra Sūryāstra To counter Lakṣmaṇa’s Āgneyāstra Atikāya used this; mutally burnt
Tvāṣṭra Aiṣika Aindrāstra Lakṣmaṇa countered Atikāya
Yāmya Vāyavya Lakṣmaṇa countered Atikāya
Raudra Parama Āsura Āsura Rāvaṇa countered both sent Rāma
Āsura Pāvaka Rāma counterd Rāvaṇa
Glowing weapon of māyā Gāndharva Rāma counterd Rāvaṇa
Gāndharva Daiva Gāndharva Daiva Rāma counterd Rāvaṇa
Rākṣasa Gārutmata Rāvaṇa’s missile sent forth smokes which were countered by Rāma’s garuḍa birds
Divine countered by Non-Divine
Saurāstra Arrows Rāma cut cakras out of Rāvaṇa’s missile
Sūla Arrows Rāma cut Makarākṣa’s S śūla using four arrows
Invincible Astras
Brahmāstra Atikāya’s and Rāvaṇa’s end
Śakti Used by Rāvaṇa on Lakṣmaṇa
Pāvaka Missile which killed Makarākṣa (yuddha. 79. 45-6)
Aindrāstra Indrajit’s end (yuddha. 91.75)
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