The Matsya Purana (critical study)

by Kushal Kalita | 2018 | 74,766 words | ISBN-13: 9788171103058

This page relates ‘Dynasties of Post-Mahabharata war (Introduction)’ of the English study on the Matsya-purana: a Sanskrit text preserving ancient Indian traditions and legends written in over 14,000 metrical verses. In this study, the background and content of the Matsyapurana is outlined against the cultural history of ancient India in terms of religion, politics, geography and architectural aspects. It shows how the encyclopedic character causes the text to deal with almost all the aspects of human civilization.

Part 2.2 - Dynasties of Post-Mahābhārata war (Introduction)

The Matsyapurāṇa has given the description of genealogies of kings and princes of the Post Mahābhārata war which covers mainly the kingdom of North Pāñcāla, Kurus, Śurasena and Avanti etc. But in case of some other contemporary dynasties like Pauravas of Hastināpura, Vatsa of Kauśāmbi, Ikṣāku of Kośala and Bṛhadrathas of Magadhas, it has provided insufficient or confused information.

[(a). The Magadha Dynasty]

[(b). The Paurava Dynasty]

[(c). The Kośala Dynasty]

[(d). The Maurya Dynasty]

[(e). The Śuṅga Dynasty]

[(f). The Kanva or Kanvāyana Dynasty]

[(g). The Andhra Dynasty]

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