Matangalila and Hastyayurveda (study)

by Chandrima Das | 2021 | 98,676 words

This page relates ‘Appendix III: Elephant on other Coins’ of the study on the Matangalina and Hastyayurveda in the light of available epigraphic data on elephants in ancient India. Both the Matanga-Lila (by Nilakantha) and and the Hasti-Ayurveda (by Palakapya) represent technical Sanskrit works deal with the treatment of elephants. This thesis deals with their natural abode, capturing techniques, myths and metaphors, and other text related to elephants reflected from a historical and chronological cultural framework.

Appendix III: Elephant on other Coins

Coin Number Dynasty/Series Date /Period Coin Image
1 Local Punch marked coin: Kosala c. 6th/5th– 4th/3rd century BCE seal
2 Local punch marked Coin: Northern Maharashtra/Upper Tapi river system c. 5th–3rd century BCE seal
3 Local punch marked coin: Vidarbha region c. 4th–3rd century BCE seal
4 Local punch marked coin: Saurāṣṭra region c. 4th -3rd century BCE seal
5 Local punch marked coin: Cedi Janapada c. 5th–4rd century BCE seal
6 Local punch marked: Godavari river system c. 400 -350 BCE seal
7 Post-Mauryan copper punch marked: Eran- Vidisha region c. 200–150 BCE seal
8 Post-Mauryan copper punch marked: Eastern Malwa - Vidisha region c. 200–150 BCE seal
9 Early un-inscribed cast copper coin c. 4th–2nd century BCE seal
10 Indo-Greek: Apollodotus I c. 180-160 BCE seal
11 Indo-Greek: Menander I c. 155–130 BCE seal
12 Indo-Greek: Lysias c. 120-110 BCE seal
13 Indo-Greek: Antialkidas c. 115-95 BCE seal
14 Indo-Greek: Heliocles II c. 110-100 BCE seal
15 Indo-Greek: Archebios c. 90-80 BCE seal
16 Indo-Scythian: Maues c. 90-60 BCE seal
17 Post-Mauryan: City Issues -Śuktimati c. 3rd/2nd-1st century BCE seal
18 Post-Mauryan: Ujjayini C. 2nd century BCE-2nd century CE seal
19 Datta rulers of Mathura -Bhavadatta c. 1st century BCE seal
20 Post-Mauryan South Vidarbha: Sevaka c. 150-100 BCE seal
21 Cera coin c. 2nd/1st century BCE– 1st century CE seal
22 Pāṇḍya coin c. 2nd/1st century BCE– 1st century CE seal
23 Post-Mauryan: Audumbaras c. 1st BCE century -1st century CE seal
24 Alleged Mahādeva type coin: Audumbras (?) c. 1st BCE century -1st century CE seal
25 Post-Mauryan: Vemaki c. 1st century BCE -1st century CE seal
26 Post-mauryan: Yaudheyas c. 2nd -1st century BCE seal
27 Un-inscribed diestruck copper coin of the Cola chiefs of Saṅgam period - Ancient Tamilnadu c. 50-100 CE seal
28 Kuṣāṇa: Huviṣka (copper) c. 151–190 CE seal
29 Kuṣāṇa: Huviṣka (Gold) c. 151–190 CE seal
30 Sātavāhana: Nasik   seal
31 Sātavāhana: Rayalseema   seal
32 Sātavāhana: Tripuri   seal
33 Sātavāhana: Vidarbha   seal
34 Western Kṣatrapas: Rudrasiṃha I (Mahākṣatrapa) 100-119 SE (178-197 AD) seal
35 Local coin: Malhar c. 2nd–3rd century CE seal
36 Ikṣākus c. 3rd–4th century CE seal
37 Gupta: Kumāragupta I -elephant rider type 414 -455 CE seal
38 Viṣṇukuṇḍin c. 5th century CE seal
39 Bengal: Śaśāṅka Deva 600-635 CE seal
40 Post-Gupta Bengal: Jayanāga 600-650 CE seal
41 Cālukyas of Badami: Jayaśraya Maṅgalarasa c. 600 CE seal
42 Rāṣṭrakūṭa c. 800-1000CE seal
43 Rāṣṭrakūṭa : Śarva I c. 800-878 CE seal
44 Cālukyas of Gujarat c. 900-1000 CE seal
45 Śāhīs of Ohind: Vakkadeva 950-1050 CE seal
46 Kalacuris of Ratanpur 1079 CE seal
47 Western Gaṅgas: gold Gajapati fanam 10th -11th century CE seal
48 Cālukyas of Gujarata: Jaya Siṃha 1094-1144 CE seal
49 Kalacuris of Ratnapura: Jajjala Deva 1160-1168 CE seal
50 Vāghela Dynasty: Sāraṅga Deva 1274-1297 CE seal
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