Kavyamimamsa of Rajasekhara (Study)

by Debabrata Barai | 2014 | 105,667 words

This page relates ‘Region of Pashcaddesha (western part)’ of the English study on the Kavyamimamsa of Rajasekhara: a poetical encyclopedia from the 9th century dealing with the ancient Indian science of poetics and rhetoric (also know as alankara-shastra). The Kavya-mimamsa is written in eighteen chapters representing an educational framework for the poet (kavi) and instructs him in the science of applied poetics for the sake of making literature and poetry (kavya).

Part 8.6 - Region of Paścāddeśa (western part)

This region is situated in the western side of Bhāratavarṣa. In this region the important countries are:

  1. Devasabhā,
  2. Surāṣṭrā,
  3. Daśeraka,
  4. Trāvaṇa,
  5. Bhṛgukaccha,
  6. Kacchīya,
  7. Ānarta,
  8. Arbuda,
  9. Brāhmaṇapravāha and
  10. Yavana.

Devasabhā is situated near Ujjain, Surāṣṭra is the portions of northern-Gujarat, Daśeraqka is the Mālva itself. Bhṛgukaccha is the Broach and its surrounding parts, Kacchiya situated in Gujarat, Anarta is the portions of Kathiawad and modern Vednagar. The Arbuda country surrounding by mount Abu and Brāḥmanavāha the city of Brāḥmaṇa. The Yavanas were the foreigners living beyond the river Indus, thus the region identified beyond the river Indus.

The important mountains of this region are:

  1. Govardhana,
  2. Girinagara,
  3. Devasabhā,
  4. Mālyaśikhara and
  5. Arbuda.

The mount Govardhana is situated eighteen miles away from Mathurā, the Girinagara situated in Kathiawad, Mālyaśikhara is not the famous Mālyavān, connected with Mālvā country and Arbuda is identified as the mount Ābu, which is one among the Āravallī range.

In the Paścaddeśa, the famous rivers that flow are:

  1. Sarasvatī,
  2. Svabharavatī,
  3. Vartaghnī,
  4. Mahī and
  5. Hiḍimbā.

The famous products of this part are:

  1. Karīra (shoots of bamboo),
  2. Pīlu (fruits),
  3. Guggula (medicinal tree),
  4. Kharjūra (date fruit) and
  5. Karabha etc.
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