Kavyamimamsa of Rajasekhara (Study)

by Debabrata Barai | 2014 | 105,667 words

This page relates ‘Poetic confidence and Self-consciousness of Kavi (poet)’ of the English study on the Kavyamimamsa of Rajasekhara: a poetical encyclopedia from the 9th century dealing with the ancient Indian science of poetics and rhetoric (also know as alankara-shastra). The Kavya-mimamsa is written in eighteen chapters representing an educational framework for the poet (kavi) and instructs him in the science of applied poetics for the sake of making literature and poetry (kavya).

Part 5.4 - Poetic confidence and Self-consciousness of Kavi (poet)

A kavi (poet) when he planning to write a kāvya (poetry) and imagining according, thus he should think everything of himself, particularly his own instinct, command on languages, interest of the people, depth and density of his wisdom, the environment where he is nurtured. Rājaśekhara think that these guide-lines are intended for an average kavi (poet). He should look down on him only on the ground of criticism.

He always be confident of own self and people are generally unbridled.


janāpavādamātreṇa na jugupseta cātmani|
jānīyātkhayamātmānaṃ yato loko niraṅku śaḥ’ ||

- Kāvyamīmāṃsā of Rājaśekhara: Ch-X, Pp- 51

To an independent kavi (poet) all the languages are like one language. The adoption of language is always based on his region. He always able to understand the like and dislike of the people and must be try to write to their likes. Poetry praiseworthy by people when it does not belong in this world but it should live after poet’s death.

The kāvya (poetry) of present time like a beauty of a woman of a family or the treatment prescribed by the family physician which is not accepted by everyone but only someone.


pratyakṣakavikāvyaṃ ca rūpaṃ ca ku layoṣitaḥ |
gṛhavaidyasya vidyā ca kasmaicidyadi rocate || ”

- Kāvyamīmāṃsā of Rājaśekhara: Ch-X, Pp- 51

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