Kashyapa Shilpa-shastra (study)

by K. Vidyuta | 2019 | 33,520 words

Summary: This essay studies the Kashyapa Shilpa-shastra (in English) with special reference to the characteristics of Prakara (temple-components), Mandapa (pavilions) and Gopura (gate-house) in architecture. Kasyapa is a Sage of olden times and is often mentioned as an author of various Sanskrit literature. The Silpa-Sastras refers to the ancient Indian science of arts and crafts, such as sculpture, architecture and iconography. This study demonstrates how the Sanskrit scriptures on architecture and arts correlate with the heritage of ancient Indian monuments such as temples, building and sculptures.

The Shilpa-Shastra is the not necessarily the name of one work authored by Kashyapa, but rather a collection of works by various authors which could be named the Shilpashastra or something else. In the same way, Kashyapa not necessarily refers to one author of such works, but might as well represent an eponym representing various authors.

Source 1: exoticindiaart.com
Source 2: shodhganga.inflibnet.ac.in

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