Dvisahasri of Tembesvami (Summary and Study)

by Upadhyay Mihirkumar Sudhirbhai | 2012 | 54,976 words

This page relates ‘Acknowledgement’ of the study of the Dvisahasri by Tembesvami:—a Sanskrit epic poem (mahakavya) narrating the legend and activities of Lord Dattatreya, including details on his divine sports and incarnations. Also known as Datta, he is considered one of the Holy Masters in the Natha cult imparting spiritual knowledge and adequate practice to the aspirant.


At the outset I thank my guiding teacher Prof. Dr. Jaydev Jani whose able and sincere guidance has given the shape to the present thesis.

The text of Dvisāhasrī (the topic of the present thesis) was out of print and was and later on published in 1999 AD by Avdhuta Sahitya Prakashan Trust, Nareshwar. Shri Kamalbhai Vaidya (Eru, Navasari) who as soon as came to know about my topic of research, presented me the book. I thank him heartily.

Yogānanda Sarasvatī’s Śrīgurumurticaritra (original Marathi) translated in Gujarati by late Dr. Arunoday N Jani, The books Origin and Development of Dattātreya Worship in India by Dr. Joshi Hariprasad S, the book Dvisāhasrī gurucaritam translated by Dr Joshi Hariprasad S & Dr. Dave Jayendrabhai. And Śrī Vāsudevananda Sarasvatī viracita Dvisāhasrī (Gurucaritam): Ek Adhyayana by Dr. Shruti Trivedi are available to me on my desk.

I am thankful to authority of Smt. Hamsa Mehta Library and Prof. Dr. M. L. Wadekar (Offg. Director of the oriental Institute. MSU.) for providing ample facility to collect accessory data from their library.

Mihirkumar S. Upadhyay

Place: Vadodara
Date: 14/09/2012


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