Dramaturgy in the Venisamhara

by Debi Prasad Namasudra | 2016 | 70,412 words

This page relates ‘Karuna Rasa (the pathetic sentiment)’ of the study dealing with the Venisamhara of Bhatta Narayana and its practical application of Sanskrit Dramaturgy. The Veni-Samhara is an extraordinary drama in Sanskrit literature which revolves around the great war of Mahabharata within six Acts. This study deals with the author, background and the technical aspects, reflecting the ancient Indian tradition of dramaturgy (Natya-Shastra).

Karuṇa Rasa (the pathetic sentiment)

Grief (Śoka) arising from the loss of a kindred, or huge wealth, or from some insurmountable difficulty assumes the form of the Pathetic sentiment when manifested by means of its Vibhāvas, Anubhāvas and the Sañcārībhāvas.

The substrata (the ālambhan vibhāvas) of the pathetic sentiment are the deceased kinsman, the lost object or the worst calamity on the one hand, and the sufferer on the other.

It is aroused by some reference to the lost person’s merits, some talks about him, the sight of the articles of his use, a visit to his residence, the occasion where his presence is missed, the days of anniversary, offering libations to him, and similar commemorating scenes. These are some of the facts which serve as the excitants (uddīpana) of the pathos.

The squalor of the sufferer, his shedding or tears, shouting, dullness and choking of throat are the consequences (anubhāvas).

Disgust, swoon, sadness, anxiety, uneasiness, moroseness and stupor are the ancilliary feelings that prevail in the Karuṇa-rasa.

Paleness, shiver, change of voice and stupefaction are the self-existent states that become visible on the person of the aggrieved.

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