Dasarupaka (critical study)

by Anuru Ranjan Mishra | 2015 | 106,293 words

This page relates ‘Bhasa—Author of the drama (Dutavakya)’ of the English study of the Dasarupaka of Dhananjaya: an important work on Hindu dramaturgy (Natya-shastra) from the tenth century dealing with the ten divisions of Sanskrit drama (nata), describing their technical aspects and essential dramaturgical principals. These ten types of drama are categorised based on the plot (vastu), hero (neta) and sentiment (rasa)

Part 1 - Bhāsa—Author of the drama (Dūtavākya)

Bhāsa has not mentioned anything about him, in his plays. A. D. Pusalkar (1940, Bhāsa A Study, pp. 68,105) states that Bhāsa might belong to the Haimodaka division of Agastya gotra. He was an orthodox Brāhmaṇa, jealous worshiper of Viṣṇu, a firm believer in the practice, utility and efficacy of sacrifices. His descriptions in his works are the evidences that he was from the northern part of India.

A. D. Pusalkar also prescribes tentative date of Bhāsa as 4th century B.C., because Bhāsa has mentioned the author of Arthaśāstra as Bṛhaspati and not as Kauṭilya, which places him in the Pre-Mauryan period. Even the Buddhism and the Jainism had not obtained a sway over the public when these plays were written. It might be becauseof the Brāhmaṇical system and the glorification of sacrifices. Anyway, he is not later than 3rd century B.C. and most probably, he belongs to 4th century B.C. He has been referred to by the poets like Kālidāsa, Bhoja, Śāradātanaya, Abhinava, Bāṇa, Daṇḍi and Rājaśekhara. Bhāsa has written all his plays for the sake of people and he has depicted the sentiments and characters of the people in the plays very naturally. The Dūtavākya is a one-act play. The story consists in the Udyogaparva (chapter 72-150) of Mahābhārata. Bhāsa has made some important changes in the plot for dramatic purpose. These changes make the plot highly interesting and contribute to the effective delineation of the hero’s character in such a short play.

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