Dasarupaka (critical study)

by Anuru Ranjan Mishra | 2015 | 106,293 words

This page relates ‘Summary of the Ubhayabhisarika’ of the English study of the Dasarupaka of Dhananjaya: an important work on Hindu dramaturgy (Natya-shastra) from the tenth century dealing with the ten divisions of Sanskrit drama (nata), describing their technical aspects and essential dramaturgical principals. These ten types of drama are categorised based on the plot (vastu), hero (neta) and sentiment (rasa)

Part 2a - Summary of the Ubhayābhisārikā

The plot of the Ubhayābhisārikā deals with two young lovers, i.e. Nārāyaṇadattā and Kuberadatta who were separated because of some misunderstanding. Once they had gone to see the performance of Madanasenā, performed at the premises of the temple of the lord Nārāyaṇa. It was the celebration in the honour of spring. Unfortunately, Kuberadatta praised the performance of Madanasenā and Nārāyaṇadattā got angry and left the place immediately. He passed that night like a thousand nights because of her separation. Kuberadatta returned to his home and sent the servant Sahakāraka, to call the Viṭa Vaiśikācala, to solve the matter.

However, when Viṭa was leaving for consoling Nārāyaṇadattā, his wife saw himand doubted his motif. Viṭa assured his wife that he was going to Nārāyaṇadattā for his friends work. On his way, he met with harlots and dancers like Madanasenā, Anaṅgadattā, Mādhavasenā, Ratilatikā, Priyaṅgusenā, Devadattā, Ratisenāand with a female wonderer called Vilāsakaundinī. The conversations between these harlots and Viṭa, are very beautiful and erotic. Viṭa describes their beauty through the poetical way. All these harlots are known very well to Viṭa Vaisikācala and they also wanted to appoint him for their problem as well. However, Viṭa frankly told them that, he was going for his friends workand only after finishing that work, he would do their work. On the way, he got a message from Kanakalatā, the maidservant of Nārāyaṇadattā, that they (both lovers) could not bear the torment of separation.

So forgetting the anger, both have already made up and embraced each other. However, when the Vīṇā teacher, Viśvāvasudatta, saw them in a compromise, took in his house. Then Vaiśikācala met them in the house of Vīṇā teacher and blessed them for their prosperous future.

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