Atharvaveda and Charaka Samhita

by Laxmi Maji | 2021 | 143,541 words

This page relates ‘Treatment of Impotency’ found in the study on diseases and remedies found in the Atharvaveda and Charaka-samhita. These texts deal with Ayurveda—the ancient Indian Science of life—which lays down the principles for keeping a sound health involving the use of herbs, roots and leaves. The Atharvaveda refers to one of the four Vedas (ancient Sanskrit texts encompassing all kinds of knowledge and science) containing many details on Ayurveda, which is here taken up for study.

Atharva Veda is a charm against Vājīkaraṇa. The Atharvaveda discusses the treatment of impotency. Impotence is the absence of the origin of the dhātu in the body or the weakness of the sperm which does not produce offspring[1]. In the Atharvaveda, the disease is eradicated by taking Kuṣṭha medicine and Apāmārga medicine. The weakening of the male reproductive organs is eliminated by taking Apāmārga medicine. The Atharvaveda also mentions Vājīkaraṇa medicine or Vṛṣā, Aśvagandhā medicine[2]. This is energy-boosting and Vājīkaraṇa. In the Atharvaveda, Arka is called Vājīkaraṇa. In the Atharvaveda, Kalyānī i.e., Māṣaparṇī, Pṛśniparṇī, Piṭhavana medicine is said to increase aphrodisiac and Vājīkaraṇa.

To promote potency of a man IV.4 and the additional mantras-

vṛṣaṇaste khanitāro vṛṣā tvamasyoṣadhe |
vṛṣāsi vṛṣṇyāvati vṛṣaṇe tvā khanāmasi ||

T in Kauśika Sūtra are recited. During the recitation, the plants Ucchuṣmā and Parivyādha are dug up with an iron instrument. Two decoctions of plants are poured into milk. They are drunk after having placed a bow into the lap. The person is required to sit on a stake or a pestle while the ceremony is carried through[3].

Babhrū is mentioned in the Atharvaveda. It is a semen enhancer and beneficial for the nervous system. Yajurveda and Atharvaveda mention the Nyagrodha or banyan tree. This can be used to treat impotence. Potency and the testosterone-related problem is called dhātu-roga. Atharvaveda prescribed Āñjana is medicine for dhātu-roga. Gonorrhoea is caused by physical intimacy. It causes itching in private parts. The following medication used includes Nyagrodha, Punarṇavā, Bhaṅgā or Gāñjā.

Footnotes and references:


śīrṣāmayamupahatyamakṣyostanvorapaḥ |
kuṣṭhastat sarvaṃ niṣkarad daivaṃ samaha vṛṣṇyam ||
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uduṣā udu sūrya udidaṃ māmakaṃ vacaḥ |
udejatu prajāpatirvṛṣā śuṣmeṇa vājinā ||
(AV. –IV/4/2); Atharva-Veda-Saṃhitā along with Sāyaṇabhāṣya–Vol.–2, Ramswaroop Sharma Gaud (ed.), Varanasi, Chowkhamba Vidyabhawan, 2011, p. 315.


yāṃ tvā gandharvo akhanad vṛṣaṇastekhanitāro vṛṣā tvamasyoṣadhe | vṛṣāsi vṛṣṇyāvasi vṛṣaṇe tvā khanāmasītyucchu ṣmāparivyādhāvāyasena khanati || (Kauśika Sūtra-40.14);Atharvavedīya–Kauśika Gṛhyasūtraṃ (Dārilakeśavayosaṃ-kṣiptaṭīkaya sahitaṃ), trans. Udayanarayana Sinha, Varanasi, Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series office,2009, p. 97.

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