Annadatri-carita (study)

by Sarannya V. | 2020 | 34,082 words

This study analyzes the Annadatri-Carita: an epic poem connected with a regional history written by Prof. K Balarama Panicker. The plot of the drama is based on a Sangam period myth connected with the epic Mahabharata. The author introduces Utiyan Ceralatan as Vancishvara, an ancestor of the last Travancore ruler named Chithira Thirunal Balarama Va...

Obviously, the name of the drama Annadatricarita is simply means the ‘carita’ or story of the ‘Annadatri’, the donor of food.


There are a few of possibilities to choose this name of the drama.

-) This drama deals with the story of a bounteous feeder who took a huge responsibility of serving food in a war. Hence, the title of the drama is suitable.

-) Prof. K. Balarama Panicker was a former student and later, he also worked as a teacher of H.H Sanskrit College, Thiruvananathapuram. This college was under the governance of Travancore rulers, consequently they were the ‘Annadata’ of the author. This work was a tribute to that period ruler Chithiratirunal Balaramavarma and this might be a reason for the selection of this name.

-) The third possibility, the Travancore rulers were commonly addressed with the term, ‘Annadata’ of common people. That’s why the author chose this name to his work.

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