Annadatri-carita (study)

by Sarannya V. | 2020 | 34,082 words

This study analyzes the Annadatri-Carita: an epic poem connected with a regional history written by Prof. K Balarama Panicker. The plot of the drama is based on a Sangam period myth connected with the epic Mahabharata. The author introduces Utiyan Ceralatan as Vancishvara, an ancestor of the last Travancore ruler named Chithira Thirunal Balarama Va...

3. Representation of Uthiyan Cheralathan in History

From the available evidences Utiyan Perum Ceral Atan was the first famous and historically recorded Cera king.[1] His name was documented in different types in the history and literature such as “Udiyanceral”, UtiyanCeralatan, “Udayana” (Sanskrit word of the name “Otena” which was common in north Malabar), “Udayan” (which means the abbreviation of the name Udayana in Sanskrit),“Udayanakulashekharaperumal”[2].In the name “Perummcorrutayan”, Perumcorru denotes plenty of food which was given in the Warfield and“Utayan” is the one who gives “Utavi” i.e. help. Perumceralatan, Udayabanaperumal[3], Udayabanakulashekhara Perumal, UtiyanPerumtolatan[4] and Udayabanavarman[5] are some other names denoting Uthiyan Cheralathan (Utiyan Ceralatan). Atan is a term of respect meaning perhaps father (Attan).[6]

The word “Atan” might be derived from the Sanskrit word “Arhata”.[7] He adorned an honorary name “Vanavarampan” (Vanavar + Anpan) which means “beloved to gods”, analogous to the Maurya king Ashoka’s name “Devanam Priyadarshi”. In another aspect Vanavarampan means that “one who bounded by the sky” or “by the sea” as explained in the Cudamani Nighantu.[8] In the Sangam period, the Western Ghats were known as “Vanamala”, which means the mountain reaching the sky and hence “Vanavarampan” may means the “the monarch of the land which the western Ghats made the limit.”[9]

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