Animal Kingdom (Tiryak) in Epics

by Saranya P.S | 2019 | 51,616 words | ISBN-10: 8190396315 | ISBN-13: 9788190396318

An English study the Animal Kingdom (Tiryak) in Epics.—The present thesis is based entirely on Ramayana and Mahabharata although an attempt is made to analytically compare the Animal kingdom with Mriga-pakshi-shastra—‘The ancient Indian science of of Animals and Birds’....

Chapter 3.5 - The story of Hanuman (Immortal characters, part 2)

Regarding the birth of Hanuman, details are given in the section entitled Anjana and Kesari and so they are needless to be repeated.Thinking that the sun was a ripe fruit, Hanuman wanted to swallow it. Indra then wounded Hanuman with his ‘Vajrayudha’. Hanuman fell to the earth in a critical condition and Vayu carried him into the abyss. When Air departed from the earth, the creatures here became still. When the living creature were about to die because of the lack of Air, the deities went into the abyss to console Air. Since Hanuman was hit by the vajrayudha, he was called Hanuman. Each of the deities gave Hanuman various boons.

Brahma gave him the boon of life till Brahma existed. Mahadeva blessed with boldness and courage to win the world. Indra gave him the blessing that no arrows will penetrate his body. Agni said he would never be burned. Yamadharma’s boon was that he will never die. The hosts of deities said that there will be no one else that would equal him in speed and power. Brahma gave him strength greater than Garuda hard and Vayu gifted him with the greatest speed.[1]

As a loyal servant Hanuman played a great role in implementing the terms of the treaty on behalf of his master. As a person of upright character he throws his weight on the side of injustice. Hanuman was endowed with intelligence, scholarship,diplomacy and powers which he displayed on many occasions.

During the course of the war when the vanara and the Lankan armies were almost annihilated Rama, lakshmana, sugriva and most of the generals fell unconscious on the battlefield Jambavan asked Vibhishana if Hanuman was safe and Vibhishana in reply asked Jambavan why he enquired after the welfare of only Hanuman and not of others. Jambavan answered him by saying that if Hanuman was alive even if the whole army was destroyed, all was not lost and there was a hope of their survival. But if not so, were as good dead. It isclear that Hanuman was the key to the success in the war.

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Valmiki Ramayana I.15

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