Alamkaras mentioned by Vamana

by Pratim Bhattacharya | 2016 | 65,462 words

This page relates ‘concept of alamkara in Sanskrit Poetics’ of the study on Alamkaras (‘figure of speech’) mentioned by Vamana in his Kavyalankara-sutra Vritti, a treatise dealing with the ancient Indian science of Rhetoric and Poetic elements. Vamana flourished in the 8th century and defined thirty-one varieties of Alamkara (lit. “anything which beautifies a Kavya or poetic composition”)

Chapter 2 - The concept of alaṃkāra in Sanskrit Poetics

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[Full title: The concept of alaṃkāra in Sanskrit Poetics: Vāmana’s view on alaṃkāra in general]

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