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by Vettam Mani | 1975 | 609,556 words | ISBN-10: 0842608222

This page describes the Story of Parvata included the Puranic encyclopaedia by Vettam Mani that was translated into English in 1975. The Puranas have for centuries profoundly influenced Indian life and Culture and are defined by their characteristic features (panca-lakshana, literally, ‘the five characteristics of a Purana’).

Story of Parvata

A sage who was the nephew of Nārada.


Descending in order from ViṣṇuBrahmāMarīciPaurṇamāsaParvata.

Prajāpati Marīci got of his wife Sambhūti a son named Paurṇamāsa. Paurṇamāsa got two sons Virajas and Parvata. Parvata’s mother was the sister of Nārada. (Chapter 10, Aṃśa 1, Viṣṇu Purāṇa).

Nārada and Parvata.

These two sages lived for a long time as inseparable friends. Once they travelled on earth in the form of human beings. They decided that each should speak out what he felt without reserve and if anybody broke the arrangement the other had the right to curse him.

During their travels they reached the palace of a King called Sṛñjaya (Sañjaya) and they stayed there as his guests for a long time. Damayantī (Madayantī) daughter of the King served them both and Nārada fell in love with her. Nārada hid this fact from Parvata and within a few days Parvata came to know it and he according to the agreement cursed Nārada to take the form of a monkey. Nārada gave a counter curse disabling Parvata from attaining Svarga. Both separated from there and after some time both lost their bitterness against each other. Parvata met Nārada in his monkey form in a forest. Both were sorry for their curses then and each withdrew his curse and Nārada got his original form. He married Damayantī and started living together and Parvata went to Svarga. (Chapter 30, Śānti Parva).

Other details.

(i) Parvatamuni was a member of the assembly of sages at the Sarpasatra of Janamejaya. (Śloka 8, Chapter 53, Ādi Parva).

(ii) Nārada and Parvata were present for the Draupadīsvayaṃvara (marriage of Draupadī). (Śloka 7, Chapter 156, Ādi Parva).

(iii) Parvata and Nārada were members of the court of Yudhiṣṭhira. (Śloka 15, Chapter 4, Sabhā Parva).

(iv) This uncle-nephew combination was present in Indrasabhā also. (Śloka 10, Chapter 7, Sabhā Parva).

(v) They were members of Kuberasabhā also. (Śloka 26, Chapter 10, Sabhā Parva).

(vi) When the Pāṇḍavas were living in Kāmyakavana, Parvata went there and advised them to conduct a pilgrimage. (Śloka 18, Chapter 93, Vana Parva).

(vii) Parvata showed the Pāṇḍavas daylight at night one day when the great battle was going on. (Śloka 15, Chapter 163, Droṇa Parva).

(viii) Parvata swore that he was not a party to the theft of the lotus of Agastya. (Śloka 34, Chapter 94 Anuśāsana Parva).

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