List of Mahabharata people and places

by Laxman Burdak | 20,546 words

A partial alphabetical list of the Clans, Kings, Cities, Rivers, Mountains, Places and Countries as mentioned in Mahabharata in various Chapters....

Starting with W

Legend: (C) = City, (D) = Desha (Country), (F) = Forest, (L) = Lady name, (M) = Mountain (N) = Nagavanshi King, (N) = Pond/Lake, (R) = River, (Ri) - Rishi, (S) = Spot, (T) =Tirtha (Pilgrim) , (W) = Weapon name.

Wasana (vasanā, वसना) (I.28.19),

Wasvanuga (vāsavānuga, वासवानुग) (II.48.22),

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