List of Mahabharata people and places

by Laxman Burdak | 20,546 words

A partial alphabetical list of the Clans, Kings, Cities, Rivers, Mountains, Places and Countries as mentioned in Mahabharata in various Chapters....

Starting with E

Legend: (C) = City, (D) = Desha (Country), (F) = Forest, (L) = Lady name, (M) = Mountain (N) = Nagavanshi King, (N) = Pond/Lake, (R) = River, (Ri) - Rishi, (S) = Spot, (T) =Tirtha (Pilgrim) , (W) = Weapon name.

Edi (eḍī, एडी) (L) (IX.45.13),

Ekachakra (ekacakra, एकचक्र) (I.61.22), (1.67),(I.90.79-80), (1.95), (I.144.12), (1.158),

Ekachakra (ekacakrā, एकचक्रा) (L) (IX.45.28), (I.59.25), (I.65),

Ekachuda (ekacūḍā, एकचूडा) (L) (IX.45.5),

Ekahansa (ekahaṃsa, एकहंस) (T) (3.81.17),

Ekaksha (ekākṣa, एकाक्ष) (I.59.28), (I.65),(IX.44.54),

Ekakshara (ekākṣarā, एकाक्षरा) (L) (IX.45.24),

Ekalavya (ekalavya, एकलव्य) (I.61.58), (1.67),

Ekapada (ekapāda, एकपाद) (II.28.47), (II.47.16),

Ekaprashtha (ekapṛṣṭha, एकपृष्ठ) (VI.10.40),

Ekaratra (ekarātra, एकरात्र) (T) (III.81.159),

Ekashana (ekāśana, एकाशन) (II.48.3),

Elapatra (elapatra, एलपत्र) (N) (I.35.1),(I.31.6), (I.35),(V.101.10)/(V.103),

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