Yoga Vasistha [English], Volume 1-4

by Vihari-Lala Mitra | 1891 | 1,121,132 words | ISBN-10: 8171101519

The English translation of the Yoga-vasistha: a Hindu philosophical and spiritual text written by sage Valmiki from an Advaita-vedanta perspective. The book contains epic narratives similar to puranas and chronologically precedes the Ramayana. The Yoga-vasistha is believed by some Hindus to answer all the questions that arise in the human mind, an...

Chapter VII - Re-union of the lovers

Argument. Sukra sees his beloved in heaven, and is joined to her at that place.

Vasishtha said:—

1. [Sanskrit available]
Thus Sukra being got among the gods in the celestial city, forgot his former nature, without his passing through the pangs of death.

2. [Sanskrit available]
Having halted awhile by the side of the Sachi's consort (Indra), he rose up to roam about the paradise, by being charmed with all its various beauties.

3. [Sanskrit available]
He looked with rapture on the beauty of his own person, and longed to see the lovely beauties of heavenly beings, as the swan is eager to meet the lotuses of the lake.

4. [Sanskrit available]
He saw his beloved one among them in the garden of Indra's Eden (udyana), with her eyes like those of a young fawn; and with a stature as delicate as that of a tender creeper of the Amra (amarynthus).

5. [Sanskrit available]
She also beheld the son of Bhrigu, and lost her government on herself; and was thus observed by him also in all her indications of amorous feelings.

6. [Sanskrit available]
His whole frame was dissolved in affection for her, like the moonstone melting under the moonbeams; so was hers likewise in tenderness for him.

7. [Sanskrit available]
He like the moonstone was soothed by her cooling beauty, beaming as moonlight in the sky; and she also being beheld by him, was entirely subdued by her love to him.

8. [Sanskrit available]
At night they bewailed as chakravakas (ruddy geese), at their separation from one another, and were filled with delight on their mutual sight at the break of the day (which unites the Chakravaka pair together).

9. [Sanskrit available]
They were both as beautiful to behold, as the sun and the opening blossom of the lotus at morn; and their presence added a charm to the garden of paradise, which promised to confer their desired bliss.

10. [Sanskrit available]
She committed her subdued-self to the mercy of the god of love, who in his turn darted his arrows relentless on her tender heart.

11. [Sanskrit available]
She was covered all over her person with the shafts of cupid, as when the lotus blossom is hid under a swarm of fleeting bees; and became as disordered as the leaves of the lotus, are disturbed under a shower of rain drops.

12. [Sanskrit available]
She fluttered at the gentle breath of the playful winds, like the tender filaments of flowers; and moved as graceful as the swan, with her eyes as bluish as those of the leaflets of blue-lotuses.

13. [Sanskrit available]
She was deranged in her person by the god of love, as the lotus-bed is put into disorder by the mighty elephant; and was beheld in that plight by her lover (Sukra), in the flight of his fancy.

14. [Sanskrit available]
At last the shade of night overspread the landscape of the heavenly paradise, as if the god of destruction (Rudra) was advancing to bury the world under universal gloom.

15. [Sanskrit available]
A deep darkness overspread the face of the earth, and covered it in thick gloom; like the regions of the polar mountains; where the hot-blazing-sun is obscured by the dark shade of perpetual night, as if hiding his face in shame under the dark veil of Cimmerian gloom.

16. [Sanskrit available]
The loving pair met together in the midst of the grove, when the assembled crowds of the place, retired to their respective habitations in different directions.

17. [Sanskrit available]
Then the love-smitten dame approached her lover with her sidelong glances, as a bird of air alights from her aerial flight in the evening, to meet with her mate on the earth below.

18. [Sanskrit available]
She advanced towards the son of Bhrigu, as a peahen comes out to meet the rising cloud;and thought she beheld there a white-washed edifice, with a couch placed in the midst.

19. [Sanskrit available]
Bhargava entered the white hall, as when Vishnu enters into hoary sea, accompanied by his beloved Lakshmi; who held him by the hand with her down-cast countenance.

20. [Sanskrit available]
She graced his person, as the lotus-stalk graces the bosom of the elephant; and then spoke to him sweetly with her words mixed with tender affection.

21. [Sanskrit available]
She told him in a sweet and delightsome speech fraught with expressions of endearment: Behold, O my moon-faced lover! I see the curve of thy bow as a bow bent for my destruction.

22. [Sanskrit available]
Cupid is thence darting his arrows to destroy this lovelorn maid;therefore protect me from him, that am so helpless and have come under thy protection from his rage.

23. [Sanskrit available]
Know my good friend, that it is the duty of good people, to relieve the wretched from their distress; and those that do not look upon them with a compassionate eye, are reckoned as the basest of men.

24. [Sanskrit available]
Love is never vilified by those, who are acquainted with erotics;because the true love of faithful lovers, have endured to the last without any fear of separation.

25. [Sanskrit available]
Know my dear, that the delightful draught of love, defies the dewy beams distilled by the moon; and the sovereignty of the three worlds, is never so pleasing to the soul, as the love of the beloved.

26. [Sanskrit available]
I derive the same bliss from the touch of thy feet, as it attends on mutual lovers on their first attachment to one another.

27. [Sanskrit available]
I live by the nectarious draught of thy touch, as the kumuda blooms by night, imbibing the ambrosial beams of the moon.

28. [Sanskrit available]
As the fluttering Chakora, is delighted with drinking the moonbeams, so is this suppliant at thy feet, blessed by the touch of the leaf-like palm of thy hand.

29. [Sanskrit available]
Embrace me now to thy bosom, which is filled with ambrosial bliss. Saying so, the damsel fell upon his bosom with her body soft as a flower, and her eyes turning as a leaflet at the gentle breeze.

30. [Sanskrit available]
The loving pair fell into their trance of love in that happy grove, as a couple of playful bees creeps into the lotus cup, under the fair filaments of the flower, shaking by the gentle breeze.

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