Yoga Vasistha [English], Volume 1-4

by Vihari-Lala Mitra | 1891 | 1,121,132 words | ISBN-10: 8171101519

The English translation of the Yoga-vasistha: a Hindu philosophical and spiritual text written by sage Valmiki from an Advaita-vedanta perspective. The book contains epic narratives similar to puranas and chronologically precedes the Ramayana. The Yoga-vasistha is believed by some Hindus to answer all the questions that arise in the human mind, an...


  1. Kali Mitra.[1]
  2. Sridhara Mitra.
  3. Sukti Mitra.
  4. Sauveri Mitra.
  5. Hari Mitra.
  6. Soma Mitra.
  7. Kesava Mitra.
  8. Mrityunjaya Mitra.
  9. Dhui Mitra.[2]
  10. Nisapati Mitra.
  11. Lambodara Mitra Alias Kuvera.
  12. Parameswara Mitra.[3]
  13. Danapati Mitra.
  14. Jayadeva Mitra.
  15. Shashthivara Mitra.
  16. Srikanta Mitra.
  17. Sivarama Mitra.
  18. Krishnarama Mitra.
  19. Sitarama Mitra.[4]
  20. Gocula Chandra Mitra.
  21. Jagamohana Mitra.
  22. Rasika Lala Mitra
  23. Vihari Lala Mitra.

Footnotes and references:


He was formerly an inhabitatnt of Kānya Kubjya, North Western Provinces, India. He being invited on an occasion of a ceremony (yajna) by Ādisura, Rājā of Gour Bengal, paid a visit at his court on Thursday 12th Kartick (October-November) Sakābda 994 (Tenth-Eleventh Century A.D.), and on his request he settled there and became the founder of Gour Mitra Family, at Maldah in Bengal.


Barisā, Twenty four Pargannahs, District Alipur, Bengal.


Bāli. Boro Pargunah, District Hugli.


Bāgbāzar, Calcutta.

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