Yoga-sutras (with Bhoja’s Rajamartanda)

by Rajendralala Mitra | 1883 | 103,575 words

This page relates ‘Conclusion of the First Chapter’ of the Yoga Sutras, English translation with Commentaries. The Yogasutra of Patanjali represents a collection of aphorisms dealing with spiritual topics such as meditation, absorption, Siddhis (yogic powers) and final liberation (Moksha). The Raja-Martanda is officialy classified as a Vritti (gloss) which means its explanatory in nature, as opposed to being a discursive commentary.

Conclusion of the First Chapter

Now in this (chapter) have been described Yoga, the subject of the work (A. I), its definition by the words the cessation of the thinking principle (A. II), exercise (XIII), dispassion (XV), the 8 nature of the two means and their varieties (XVI, the conscious and the un-consoious forms of Yoga, the inferior and superior Yoga (XVII-XVIII), the various means of exercising Yoga, easy means of accomplishing it (XIX-XXIII), definition of God (XXIV), his proof (XXVIII), greatness (XXVI), indicator (XXVII), mode of worship (XXV), and its results (XXIX), the perturbations of the thinking principle (XXX), and the pains thereon consequent (XXXI), the means of obviating them by study and benevolence (XXXII-XXXIII), regulation of breath (XXXIV), condition preceding the conscious and un-conscious meditations (XXXV), meditation with a seed, mental afflictions (XLI), their definitions (XLII-XLIV-XLV), their fruits (XLVI-XLVIII), their object (XLIX), and meditation without a seed (LI). Thus is the Yoga chapter explained.


[The above summary has not been translated literally. The original is interrupted by a number of participles and explanatory words which have been omitted as they would have served only to make an uncommonly long sentence very much involved.]

This is the end of the first quarter or Yoga chapter of the commentary entitled Rājamārtaṇḍa on Patañjali’s Institutes of the Yoga by the great king, the superior king, the illustrious Bhojadeva.

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