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Verse 547

तमसा ग्रस्तवद्भानादग्रस्तोऽपि रविर्जनैः ।
ग्रस्त इत्युच्यते भ्रान्त्यां ह्यज्ञात्वा वस्तुलक्षणम् ॥ ५४७ ॥

tamasā grastavadbhānādagrasto'pi ravirjanaiḥ |
grasta ityucyate bhrāntyāṃ hyajñātvā vastulakṣaṇam || 547 ||

547. The sun which appears to be, but is not actually, swallowed by Rāhu, is said to be swallowed, on account of delusion, by people, not knowing the real nature of the sun.



[The reference is to the solar eclipse.

Nature......sun—which is a mass of light. ]

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