by Shankara | 1921 | 49,785 words | ISBN-13: 9788175051065

The Vivekachudamani is a collection of poetical couplets authored by Shankara around the eighth century. The philosophical school this compilation attempts to expose is called ‘Advaita Vedanta’, or non-dualism, one of the classical orthodox philosophies of Hinduism. The book teaches Viveka: discrimination between the real and the unreal. Shankara d...

अथात आदेश इति श्रुतिः स्वयं
निषेधति ब्रह्मणि कल्पितं द्वयम् ।
तयोर्निरासः करणीय एव ॥ २४५ ॥

athāta ādeśa iti śrutiḥ svayaṃ
niṣedhati brahmaṇi kalpitaṃ dvayam |
tayornirāsaḥ karaṇīya eva || 245 ||

245. The Vedas themselves in the words "now then is the injunction" etc., repudiate the duality imagined in Brahman. One must needs eliminate those two superimpositions by means of realisation supported by the authority of the Vedas.



[The Vedas etc.—The reference is to the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad II. iii. 6. ]

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