The Vishnu Purana

by Horace Hayman Wilson | 1840 | 287,946 words | ISBN-10: 8171102127

The English translation of the Vishnu Purana. This is a primary sacred text of the Vaishnava branch of Hinduism. It is one of the eighteen greater Puranas, a branch of sacred Vedic literature which was first committed to writing during the first millennium of the common era. Like most of the other Puranas, this is a complete narrative from the cr...

Chapter XXIII - Descendants of the kings of Magadha

I WILL now relate to you the descendants of Vrihadratha, who will be the kings of Magadhā. There have been several powerful princes of this dynasty, of whom the most celebrated was Jarāsandha; his son was Sahadeva; his son is Somāpi[1]; his son will be Śrutavat[2]; his son will be Ayutāyus[3]; his son will be Niramitra[4]; his son will be Sukṣatra[5]; his son will be Vrihatkarman[6]; his son will be Senajit[7]; his son will be Śrutañjaya[8]; his son will be Vipra[9]; his son will be Śuci[10]; his son will be Kṣemya[11]; his son will be Suvrata[12]; his son will be Dharma[13]; his son will be Suśuma[14]; his son will be Driḍhasena[15]; his son will be Sumati[16]; his son will be Suvala[17]; his son will be Sunīta[18]; his son will be Satyajit[19]; his son will be Viśvajit[20]; his son will be Ripuñjaya[21]. These are the Vārhadrathas, who will reign for a thousand years[22].

Footnotes and references:


Somādhi; Vāyu, Matsya: and they now affect greater precision, giving the years of the reigns. Somādhi 58, V.; 50, M.


Śrutaśravas, 67 yrs. V.; 64, M,


36 yrs. V.; Apratīpa, 26, M.


100 yrs. V.; 40, M.


8 yrs. V.; 56, M.; Sunakṣatra, Bhāg.


23 yrs. V. and M.; Vrihatsena, Bhāg.


23 yrs. V.; 50, M.; Karmajit, Bhāg.


40 yrs. V. and M.


Mahābala, 25 yrs. V.; Vidhu, 28, M.


58 yrs. V.; 64, M.


28 yrs. V. and M.


60 yrs. V.; 64, M.


5 yrs. V.; Sunetra, 35, M.; Dharmanetra, Bhāg.


38 yrs. V.; Nivritti, 58, M.; Sama, Bhag.


48 yrs. V.; Trinetra, 28, M.; Dyumatsena, Bhāg.


33 yrs. V.; Mahatsena, 48, M.


22 yrs. V.; Netra, 33, M.


40 yrs. V.; Abala, 32, M.


80 yrs. V.; omitted, M.


35 yrs. V.; omitted, M.


50 yrs. V. and M.; Purañjaya and Viśvajit are identified, Bhāg.


Our list and that of the Vāyu specifies twenty-one kings after Sahadeva: the Bhāgavata specifies twenty, and in another passage states that to be the number. My copy of the Matsya names but nineteen, and the Radcliffe but twelve; but both agree in making the total thirty-two. They all coñcur with the text also in stating that 1000 years had elapsed from the great war, at the death of the last Vārhadratha prince; and this is more worthy of credit than the details, which are obviously imperfect.

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