Vaisheshika-sutra with Commentary

by Nandalal Sinha | 1923 | 149,770 words | ISBN-13: 9789332869165

This page relates ‘Of Ordinary and Transcendental Cognition...’ of the Vaisheshika-sutra of Kananda, English translation, including commentaries such as the Upaskara of Shankara Mishra, the Vivriti of Jayanarayana-Tarkapanchanana and the Bhashya of Chandrakanta. The Vaisheshika Sutras teaches the science freedom (moksha-shastra) and the various aspects of the soul (eg., it's nature, suffering and rebirth under the law of karma).

Book IX - Of Ordinary and Transcendental Cognition...

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Of Ordinary and Transcendental Cognition by means of presentation other than Conjunction and Combination.

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