Tiruvaymoli (Thiruvaimozhi): English translation

by S. Satyamurthi Ayyangar | 388,514 words

This is the English translation of the Tiruvaymoli (or, Thiruvaimozhi): An ancient Tamil text consisting of 1102 verses which were sung by the poet-saint Nammalvar as an expression of his devotion to Vishnu. Hence, it is an important devotional book in Vaishnavism. Nammalvar is one of the twelve traditional saints of Tamil Nadu (Southern India), kn...

Tamil text and transliteration:

நிச்சித்துஇருந்தேன் என்நெஞ்சம் கழியாமை
கைச்சக்கரத்துஅண்ணல் கள்வம் பெரிதுஉடையன்
மெச்சப்படான் பிறர்க்கு மெய்போலும் பொய்வல்லன்
நச்சப்படும் நமக்கு நாகத்து அணையானே.

niccittuiruntēṉ eṉneñcam kaḻiyāmai
kaiccakkarattuaṇṇal kaḷvam perituuṭaiyaṉ
meccappaṭāṉ piṟarkku meypōlum poyvallaṉ
naccappaṭum namakku nākattu aṇaiyāṉē.

English translation of verse 10.4.5:

Sanguine am I that the Lord stays firm in my heart,
My Sire, holding the discus, has many a secret plan I know not.
Disclose He shan’t to the impious His qualities great,
True unto the devout, He shall the otherwise delude,
He is our goal indeed, the One lying on serpent-bed.


(i) The Āḻvār is jubilant that the Lord, Who did all that austere penance for getting at him, namely, lying on the bosom of the waters and standing on the hill-top, is now firmly entrenched in his heart. And what more? There is still so much that the Lord is intending to do for him, which he will get to know, only in due course.

(ii) Whereas the Lord is incessantly pouring unto His devotees, in super-abundance, marvellous communications of His divine nature and the devotees shall, all the time, discover something new, He shall conceal His great qualities of head and heart, so far as the ungodly, impious persons are concerned. While the Saint sings His glory in such a prolific manner, the deluded duds and the ungodly persons hardly possess the necessary equipment for meditating on Him or singing His glory. Though looking impartial and inclined to extend the same treatment to Arjuna and Duryodhana alike, Lord Kṛṣṇa did, in the final analysis, punish the wicked Duryodhana and reward the righteous Arjuna.

(iii) If the Lord rests on Ādiśeṣa, a fellow-devotee of ours and is so intimate with him, it only inspires in us hopes of the possibility of His being intimate with us, as well.

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