Tiruvaymoli (Thiruvaimozhi): English translation

by S. Satyamurthi Ayyangar | 388,514 words

This is the English translation of the Tiruvaymoli (or, Thiruvaimozhi): An ancient Tamil text consisting of 1102 verses which were sung by the poet-saint Nammalvar as an expression of his devotion to Vishnu. Hence, it is an important devotional book in Vaishnavism. Nammalvar is one of the twelve traditional saints of Tamil Nadu (Southern India), kn...

Tamil text and transliteration:

அடிச்சியோம் தலைமிசை நீஅணியாய் ஆழிஅம் கண்ணா! உன் கோலப் பாதம்
பிடித்து அது நடுவு உனக்கு அரிவையரும் பலர் அதுநிற்க எம் பெண்மை ஆற்றோம்
வடித்தடம் கண்இணை நீரும் நில்லா மனமும்நில்லா எமக்கு அது தன்னாலே
வெடிப்புநின் பசுநிரை மேய்க்கப் போக்கு வேம் எமதுஉயிர் அழல் மெழுகில்உக்கே.

aṭicciyōm talaimicai nīaṇiyāy āḻiam kaṇṇā! uṉ kōlap pātam
piṭittu atu naṭuvu uṉakku arivaiyarum palar atuniṟka em peṇmai āṟṟōm
vaṭittaṭam kaṇiṇai nīrum nillā maṉamumnillā emakku atu taṉṉālē
veṭippuniṉ pacunirai mēykkap pōkku vēm ematuuyir aḻal meḻukilukkē.

English translation of verse 10.3.6:

Oh, Kaṇṇā, the lovely-eyed! put your pretty hand on our lowly heads,
May be that where You go, many a lady, dear unto you, might hold
And massage Your lovely feet, but we, at this end, cannot contain
Our feminity and endure, tears well up like a fountain
In our eyes sharp, our minds are under tension great
And therefore even for a moment You shall not from us be apart;
Your grazing the cows can on us work havoc great,
Our spirits thaw down like unto wax on fire set.


The Gopīs insist that Kṛṣṇa shall not go after the cattle but stay behind, seeing that they just can’t subsist without Him. While their spirits will get burnt out like wax, set on fire, their strength of mind is next to nothing and cannot, therefore, avert the catastrophe. Whereas there may be many a girl of comely shape to attend on Him when He is away from them, He is unto the Gopīs, their sole Sustainer and without Him they cannot subsist.

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